Brother Spooler Software

Version 2.23
Release Notes

February , 2003

Spooler is an application-software to use Brother embroidery machines connected to a computer. Spooler communicates with machines and uploads embroidery design data. Spooler was originally developed as a part of BES-100 digitizing system. However, it runs as a stand-alone application without BES-100 main system.

1. What's New
(1) Spooler supports DST file. DST is Tajima data format and is known as one of the most standard embroidery data formats in the industry.
(2) The problem that a communication error occurred when Spooler is running on Windows Xp has been fixed.
2. Installation
(1) Run Setup.exe for Spooler to install Spooler ver.2.23 as a stand-alone application.
(2) After Setup program completed, run Spooler program. As default behavior, Spooler runs as minimized program. So you can see it on Windows task bar at the very bottom part of Windows desktop.
(3) Click on "Spooler(Idle)" button on Windows task bar. Spooler window will open.
(4) In Spooler window, go to the menu, File / Communications Setup.
(5) In the dialog, check on "Sewing Machine Connected" and specify "Port" and "Baud Rate". Then click on OK.
Note: The default baud rate of a Brother machine is 38,400
(6) In Spooler window, go to the menu, File / DST Trim Setup.
(7) In the dialog, specify the number of jumps for trim. This number will be used when Spooler reads a DST file and coverts it to Spooler's data file (STH file).
For example, if this number is set with 5, five or more consecutive jumps in a DST file will be treated as "trim + jumps" and less than five consecutive jumps will be treated as just jumps without trim.
3. Operation
Copy a DST file to the Spool folder, which is normally "C:/Program Files/BES/Spool", by using Widows Explorer or My Computer.
Spooler automatically detects the file and converts it to a Spooler data file (STH file). Once the STH file is created, you can look at the file on the machine panel and download it.
If you connect two or more machines through a Multi-Plexer unit and assign machine ID numbers to the machines, you copy a DST file to the folder for the target machine, i.e. "C:/Program Files/BES/Spool/Machine01".
4. Special Notes
(1) The DST file in Spool folder will be removed automatically after Spooler converted it to STH. Even if the DST file has been set as "Read-Only", Spooler will remove it. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do "copying file", instead of "moving file".
The reason for this behavior is that Spooler will try to convert the same DST file repeatedly as long as the DST file is in Spool folder.
(2) If there is a STH file which has the same file name as a DST file newly copied to Spooler folder, the STH file will be overwritten.
(3) The maximum number of STH files in Spool folder or each machine folder is 224. This is not from a software restriction but from a machine restriction.
(4) If you use any embroidery software, which is not BE-100, you have only to output DST file to Spool folder. Spooler takes care all the rest of communication with the machine.

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