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Brother Windows Vista Support
Microsoft® Windows Vista® Support for Home Sewing Machine products
Refer to the list below to see how your Brother product is supported by the Windows Vista® operating system.
>> For more information on Windows Vista®, visit the Microsoft Windows Vista® homepage.

  • Any models that are not listed here are not supported in Windows Vista®.

Available The full functionality of Brother software is available in previous Windows® operating systems.
Under Development Indicates that Brother have a plan to release Windows Vista® compatible Brother software in future.
- Indicates that using the product with Windows Vista® is not supported now.
* The software supplied with Windows Vista® support for Home Sewing Machine and please go to the download page and install the latest version.

Home Sewing Machine
Model Name Windows
HE-240 Available Download
Innov-is 900D Available Download
Innov-is 1200 Available* Download
Innov-is 1500D/1500
Available* Download
Innov-is 2500D
Available Download
Innov-is 4000D/4000
Available Download
Innov-is 4500D Available Download
QC-1000 Available* Download
PR-600C/600 Available Download
PR-620/620C/600II/600IIC Available Download
Embroidery Design Software
Model Name Windows Vista®  
32bit 64bit
PED-Basic Available* Download
PE-DESIGN Ver.4,3,2 Available*  - Download
PE-DESIGN Ver.5 Available*  - Download
PE-DESIGN Ver.6 Available*  - Download
PE-DESIGN Ver.7 Available* Download