JIAM 2008 Singapore

Notice of Display at International Apparel Machinery Trade Show 2008

March 1,2008

Brother Industries, Ltd.

Outline of each area

1. Machine models exhibition area

Machine specifications and equipment best suited for each sewing process are exhibited and demonstrated, to offer solutions to the customers. You can realize our advanced technologies and their value.

2. Theme area

Brother's 100-year history with challenges and creation, and its next-generation model toward the future are introduced.

3. Solution area

We offer our solutions on factory design and productivity enhancement, while introducing specific improvement cases.

4. On demand area

Please find the new value-added creation with the garment printer, which is Brother's new technology, along with our embroidery machines.

an image of Brother's booth
an image of Brother's booth

Major products to be displayed

Single needle Section

  • Single needle direct drive straight lock stitcher with thread trimmer S-7200B

<Main feature>
This lock stitch machine with thread trimmer uses a direct drive mechanism, featuring industry leading energy efficiency and high productivity. The machine achieves high quality sewing in a broad application range, from thin fabric to thick fabric. Brother's lock stitch machines use a direct drive mechanism that minimizes power transmission loss for the drive motor and a dry mechanism that eliminates concerns of oil contamination from the needle bar and the needle thread take-up, achieving high productivity and clean sewing.

<Main feature>
A needle feed function is added to the S-7200B. As the fabric is fed simultaneously with the feed dog with the fabric pierced with the needle, regular stitches can be maintained with little fabric shift even for silky fabric or multiple-layered fabric, achieving high sewing quality.

<Main feature>
Use of a direct drive mechanism that minimizes power transmission loss has reduced power consumption by approximately 50% when compared to a conventional V-belt mechanism. In addition, the machine is equipped with an easy operation multi-function panel to handle a variety of patterns, expanding sewing possibilities.

Twin needle sewing Section

<Main feature>
The machine uses both a direct drive mechanism and a dry head mechanism to achieve comfortable and clean sewing. The machine is also standard equipped with a needle feed/lower feed switching module so the optimal feed can be selected depending on the material and process, enhancing sewing quality. In addition, as the height and tilt of the feed dog and the thread take-up amount can be adjusted, the machine can be used for a wider variety of materials.

Button hole Section

<Main feature>

Electronic eyelet button holer  RH-9820

As this machine reaches 2,500 rpm, the world’s highest speed, the machine time* has accordingly been reduced by approximately 13% when compared to conventional models, leading to enhanced productivity. In addition, a system that automatically servo-controls the stitch position even during sewing is added to the needle bar module where rigidity is strengthened. This enables accurate sewing true to the input data even when sewing thick fabric at high speed.

<Main feature>
The desired pattern can be easily selected from the ready-made 21 sewing patterns via panel operation. As the settings for the details of the basic pattern can be changed, up to 90 patterns can be saved. In addition, you can set the presser bar lifter at the desired height via a pulse motor, enabling simple and accurate positioning.

Bar tack Section

<Main feature>
This world-class electronic lockstitch bar tacker features the world’s fastest sewing speed of 3,200 rpm. Using a direct drive mechanism, the machine time* is reduced by approximately 27% when compared to conventional models, for example, reduction in time required for starting and stopping of sewing, achieving the shortest machine time among electronic lockstitch bar tackers.

Automatic sewing machine Section

<Main feature>

Direct drive programmable electronic pattern sewer BAS-342G


As the sewing range is wide (300 mm x 200 mm), this model can be used for a broad range of sewing, such as sport shoes and bags, and vehicle airbags.
The programmable electronic pattern sewer product lineup includes the BAS-311G and the BAS-326G that reach a stitch length of 4.0 mm at the world’s fastest 2,700 rpm among models with a sewing area up to 100 mm. These models are suitable for sewing parts for sport shoes and bags, and labeling.

* Machine time: Operating time until one sewing cycle is completed

< Contact for customers >

Kaoru Sumi
Sales Department, Machinery & Solution Company, Brother Industries, Ltd.


< Contact for press personnel >

Koichi Yasui
Sakiko Morikara
Communication Group, Public Relations & General Affairs, Brother Industries, Ltd.


Yasuo Kato
Aya Nishimura
Communication Group (Tokyo Branch), Public Relations & General Affairs, Brother Industries, Ltd.




Brother has established its original "Brother Green Label" for the products, in conformity with ISO 14021 and JIS Q14021.
The use of the restricted substances such as lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium is absolutely within the regulation values. Brother has been providing all its products in accordance with the RoHS* Directive for all market areas(excluding machine tools).

* The RoHS Directive(the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) came into effect in the EU in July 2006.

About Environmental Labels

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