SPEEDIO The compact machining center SPEEDIO has been released, achieving overwhelming productivity and excellent environmental performance based on Brother's original technologies. Our efforts have been focused on releasing a machine that brings about success to users producing mass-production parts, in response to their deep confidence.

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Product lineup

Compact machining center SPEEDIO

The SPEEDIO Series is a series of #30 spindle compact machining center, higher productivity than our CNC Tapping Center Series and demonstrates excellent environmental performance and machining capability.

What is a "SPEEDIO"?

S300X1/S500X1/S700X1 The SPEEDIO maximizes productive efficiency improvement of mass-production parts such as automobile, motorcycle and information technology.
"Machining larger workpieces using #30 machine" The release of the S1000X1 machining center sees an override in the conventional machining areas of #30 machines
R450X1 A new model that is standard equipped with a pallet changer has been added to the SPEEDIO series that achieve overwhelming productivity. Quest for "Wasted Time = Zero"
R650X1 The machine demonstrates high productivity, and also provides the largest machining area among "QT table" machines, enabling the mounting of large jigs that was not possible on conventional machines.
M140X2 The compact multi-tasking machines, equipped with turning and tilt axes, enable turning and machining processes through one-time chucking. It also achieves high productivity, cultivated up to now, in the complex machining field.

Special SPEEDIO Option

Rotary Table T-200 High accuracy, High productivity, Extended service life.

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Nov. 15, 2016
New release Special SPEEDIO Option Rotary Table "T-200"
Jun. 16, 2016
New release Compact multi-tasking machines "M140X2"
Jan 1, 2016
Bangkok Technical Center moved
May 13, 2015
New release SPEEDIO with pallet changer "R650X1"
Oct. 30, 2014
New release X-axis stroke:1,000mm "S1000X1"
Jan. 31, 2014
New release X-axis stroke:300mm "S300X1"
Jan. 10, 2014
New release SPEEDIO with Pallet changer "R450X1"

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Catalog download

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Contacts - Product information

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Distributors - Repair contacts

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Customers considering purchase

Contacts- Product information

- Product information

Contact for product information, development, or usage, and regional sales offices

Support Information

Distributors- Repair contact

- Repair contact

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