"Machining larger workpieces using #30 machine"
The release of the S1000X1 machining center sees an override in the conventional machining areas of #30 machines. Continuing in the spirit of overwhelming high productivity, the machine will launch a challenge to new machining areas, boosting our "Brother also in this process" concept.

Recommended machining

  • Automobile
  • General
Machine specifications
item S1000X1
CNC unit CNC-C00
Travels X axis
[mm (inch)]
Y axis
[mm (inch)]
Z axis
[mm (inch)]
Distance between table top and spindle nose end [mm (inch)] 180~480(7.1~18.9)
Table Work area size
[mm (inch)]
1,100 x 500(43.3 x 19.7)
Max.loading capacity
(uniform load)
[kg (lbs)]
Spindle Spindle speed
10,000min-1 specifications : 10 - 10,000
16,000min-1 specifications(Optional) : 16 - 16,000
10,000min-1 high-torque specifications(Optional) : 10 - 10,000
Speed during tapping
MAX. 6,000
Tapered hole 7/24 tapered No.30
BT dual contact system(BIG-PLUS) Optional
Coolant Through Spindle(CTS) Optional
Feed rate Rapid traverse rate
[m/min (inch/min)]
50 x 50 x 56 (1,969 x 1,969 x 2,205)
Cutting feed rate
[mm/min (inch/min)]
X, Y, Z : 1 - 30,000 (0.04 - 1,181)*2
ATC unit Tool shank type MAS-BT30
Pull stad type*3 MAS-P30T-2
Tool storage capacity
Max. tool length
[mm (inch)]
250 (9.8)
Max. tool diameter
[mm (inch)]
110 (4.3)
Max. tool weight*4
[kg (lbs)]
3.0 (6.6) (Total tool weight : 25 (55.1) for 14 tools, 35 (77.2) for 21 tools)
Tool selection method Random shortcut method
Tool change time*5 Tool To Tool [sec.] 0.8
Chip To Chip [sec.] 1.4
Cut to Cut [sec.] 1.2
Electric motor Main spindle motor (10 min/continuous) *6 [kW] 10,000min-1 specifications : 10.1/6.7
16,000min-1 specifications(Optional) : 7.4/4.9
10,000min-1 high-torque specifications(Optional) : 12.8/8.8
Axis feed motor [kW] X,Y : 1.0 Z : 2.0
Power source Power supply AC 200V ±10%, 50/60Hz ±1Hz
Power capacity (continuous) [kVA] 10,000min-1 specifications : 9.5
16,000min-1 specifications(Optional) : 9.5
10,000min-1 high-torque specifications(Optional) : 10.4
Air supply Regular air pressure [MPa] 0.4 - 0.6 (recommended value : 0.5MPa)*7
Required flow [L/min] 45
Machine dimensions Height
[mm (inch)]
2,532 (99.7)
Required floor space (with control unit door open) [mm (inch)] 2,410x2,442[2,967] (94.9 x 96.1[116.8])
(including control unit, machine cover)
[kg (lbs)]
3,300 (7,275)
Accuracy*8 Accuracy of bidirectional axis positioning (ISO230-2:2006)
[mm (inch)]
0.006 - 0.020 (0.00024 - 0.00079)
Repeatability of bidirectional axis positioning (ISO230-2:2006)
[mm (inch)]
Less than 0.004 (0.00016)
Standard accessories Instruction Manual (1 set), anchor bolts (4 pcs.), leveling bolts (4 pcs.), machine cover (manual door)
  • *1   Acceleration must be adjusted for X and Y axes.
  • *2   When using high accuracy mode B.
  • *3   Brother specifications apply to the pull studs for CTS.
  • *4   Actual tool weight differs depending on the configuration and center of gravity. The figures shown here are for reference only.
  • *5   Measured in compliance with JIS B6336-9 and MAS011-1987.
  • *6   Spindle motor output differs depending on the spindle speed.
  • *7   Regular air pressure varies depending on the machine specifications, machining program details, or use of peripheral equipment. Set the pressure higher than the recommended value.
  • *8   Measured in compliance with ISO standards and Brother standards.

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NC Unit specifications
CNC model CNC-C00
Control axes 5axes ( X, Y, Z, additional axes)
Simultaneously controlled axes Positioning 5 axes (X, Y, Z, A, B)
Interpolation Linear : 4 axes ( X, Y, Z, one additional axis)
Circular : 2 axes Helical / conical : 3 axes (X, Y, Z)
Least input increment 0.001 mm, 0.0001 inch, 0.001 deg.
Max.programmable dimension 9999.999mm,999.9999inch
Display 12.1-inch color LCD
Memory capacity Approx.100 Mbytes (Total capacity of program and data bank)
External communication USB memory interface, Ethernet, RS232C 1ch
No.of registrable programs 4,000 (Total capacity of program and data bank)
Program format NC language, conversation (changed by parameter)
conversion from conversation program to NC language program available
Standard NC functions
  • Absolute/incremental
  • Inch/metric
  • Corner C/Corner R
  • Rotational transformation
  • Synchronized tap
  • Coordinate system setting
  • Dry run
  • Restart
  • Backlash compensation
  • Pitch error compensation
  • Raid traverse override
  • Cutting feed override
  • Alarm history(1,000 pieces)
  • Startus log
  • Machine lock
  • Computer remote
  • Built-in PLC
  • Motor insulation resistance measurement
  • Operation log
  • High accuracy mode B I
    (look-ahead 30blocks)
  • High-accuracy mode A III
  • Tool length measurement
  • Tool life management / spare tool
  • Background editing
  • Graphic display
  • Subprogram
  • Herical/conical interpolation
  • Tool washing lter with lter clogging detection
  • Automatic power off
    (energy saving function)
  • Servomotor off standby mode
    (energy saving function)
  • Chip shower off delay
  • Automatic coolant off
    (energy saving function)
  • Automatic work light off
    (energy saving function)
  • Heat expansion compensation system II (X,Y,Z axes)
  • Tap return function
  • Automatic workpiece measurement*1
  • Waveform display
  • Operation level
  • External input signal key
  • Expanded workpice coordinate system(NC)
  • Scaling(NC)
  • Mirror image(NC)
  • Menu programming(NC)
  • Program compensation(NC)
  • Tool length compensation(NC)
  • Cutter compensation(NC)
  • Macro function(NC)
  • Local coordinate system(NC)
  • One-way positioning(NC)
  • Opeation in tape mode(NC)
  • Operation program(Conv.)
  • Schedule program(Conv.)
  • Automatic tool selection(Conv.)
  • Automatic cutting condition setting(Conv.)
  • Autmatic tool length compensation setting(Conv.)
  • Autmatic cutter compensation setting(Conv.)
  • Autmatic calculation of unknown number input(Conv.)
  • Machining order control(Conv.)
Optional NC functions
  • Memory expansion
    (Approx. 500 Mbytes)
  • High accuracy mode B II
    (look-ahead 200 blocks, smooth path offset)
  • Spindle override
  • Submicron command*2(NC)
  • Interrupt type macro(NC)
  • *  When program size is bigger than 2 Mbytes. machine works with extended memory operation.
  • *  Ethernet is a trademark or registered trademark of XEROX in the United States.
  • *  Functions listed under (NC) and (Conversation) are available only for NC programs and conversation programs respectively.
  • *1  Measuring instrument needs to be prepared by users.
  • *2  When the submicron command is used, changing to the conversation program is disabled.

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