Customize Your Calendar

(This function is available for Monthly Calendars only.)

Customize Your Calendar

Manage Your Calendar

You can change the look of the calendar by changing the Size, Font, Color and Style.

Change Calendar Size

You can adjust your calendar size using the arrows on the eight points on the container and by rotating the selection using the rotate toggle at the top.You can also use the Calendar toolbar.

Edit calendar by using the Calendar toolbar.

Calendar toolbar


You can change the font of the days by clicking on the drop down arrow in the "Font style" section. A list will appear where you can select your desired font from the list. The selected font style will apply to the entire calendar.


You can change the font color of your calendar by clicking on the "Text" button. You can change the grid color of the calendar by clicking on the "Grid" button. You can change the color of the box by clicking on the "Day box" button. On each button, a color window will appear where you can either select from the color choices available on the grid, or you can manually enter your desired hexadecimal (#) color.

Day Styles

You can change the day style by clicking on the options in the "Day styles" section. You can align the day box content to the left, middle or right by clicking on the relevant buttons.

Align Objects

The "Align objects" buttons will align the selected calendar area in relation to the canvas.

Apply Style to All Months

Font style, color, calendar grid color and day text alignment can be set for all months by selecting the "Apply style to all months".


Change Calendar Settings

Change Calendar Settings

Start Year, Month and Day

You can change the starting year, starting month and the starting day of the week of your calendar. Using the drop down lists, select the options you wish to use and the calendar settings will change accordingly.

National Holidays

You can add national holidays to appear on the calendar. Select the national holidays from the drop down list.


Add Events

You can add your personal events to the calendar. Select the date by clicking it twice that you would like to add an event to and it will become highlighted and the selected dates details will appear in the Event menu on the left.

Add Events

Type your event details into the Event text field, then click on the "Save changes". The event will now appear in the relevant day box.

Add Repeating Events

You can also add repeating events to your calendar. Select the date you wish the repeating event to start on and click the "Add repeating event" button. A text box will appear asking you to add the repeating event's title. Type in your details and then click the drop down menu. A list will appear offering you different repeating options. Select from the list how often you want the event to repeat and click the "Save Event" button. Your repeating event will now appear on the calendar.

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