On the Decorations page, you can add decorations to your project and edit them accordingly.

Decorations page

Add Decorations

When you start editing a template, all decorations associated with your selected category and template will already be uploaded in the Decoration Library.
To add one of the featured decorations to your project, select the decoration from the Decoration Library and drag it onto the project canvas.

Decoration Library


Add New Decorations

You can also add new decorations to your project. Click on the "Add decorations" button.

Add New Decorations

You can search the library for decorations within the CreativeCenter by using different search criteria:

  • Category – one category per search or select Search All
  • Type – select a type of decoration or select Search All
  • Theme – select a theme of a decoration or select Search All
  • Key word – input a key word of a decoration or leave it blank

Search results: Select to add to library

If you like the results of the search and would like to add them to your project, select the decorations from the list (you can select as many as you like by holding down the Ctrl key or the Shift key and selecting the decorations you want to add) and click the "Add items to library" button.

You will return to the Decorations page and your new decorations will show in the Decoration Library.

If the search does not bring back results you wish to add, click the "Back" button and try the search again by using different search criteria.


Manage Decorations

Select the decoration you wish to edit – your selection will be highlighted on the canvas with a black container box.

Manage Decorations

Change the Decoration Size

You can adjust the size of your selection by using the arrows on the eight points on the container and rotate the selection by rotating the toggle at the top.

Edit decorations by using the Decoration toolbar.

Decoration toolbar

Color Effect

To adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue or Fade of the decoration, click on the relevant button and move the bar on the slider until you are happy with your new settings.


To tile your decoration, click the "Tile" button, and then expand the decoration to view the item that has been tiled.


To add a shadow to your decoration, click the "Shadow" button.


To flip your selection horizontally, click the "Flip" button.


You can rotate your selection clockwise and counter-clockwise by using the two "Rotate" buttons.

Align Objects

You can also align the selected objects on the canvas. This tool enables you to align left, middle and right, top, middle and bottom.

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