From the Text page, you can edit or upload text to your project.

Text page

Edit Text Box

To edit existing text, click the text box and the "Edit text" button. Replace the content with your own message.

"Edit text" button

Or, double-click the text box and replace the content with your own message.


Manage Your Text

Single-click the text you wish to edit – your selection will be highlighted on the canvas.

Change Text Box Size

You can adjust the size of your selected text area (but not the size of your text) by dragging the arrows on the corners of the selection container. You can also rotate the selection by using the rotate toggle at the top.

Edit text by using the Text toolbar.

Text toolbar

Font Style

To change the font style of your text, click the drop down arrow in the "Font" section. You can select from a list of fonts. Click the font you wish to use for your text on the canvas.

Font Size

You can change the size of your font by either using the up and down arrows, or by typing your desired text size directly into the "Size" section. As you move the numbers up and down the scale, the size of the text on the page will change accordingly. The minimum font size is 5, the maximum font size is 100.


Text Editing Options

Double-click inside the text box or click the "Edit text" button then highlight the text you wish to edit by clicking and dragging.
You can change the Font, Size and Color of the text as well as other editing effects using the Text toolbar buttons.

Note: You can only rotate the text box, not selected text within the text box.

Text Editing Options

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