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Message From The Management

Passing on our DNA and Transforming for a Long Successful Future

Brother Industries, Ltd. Representative Director & President Toshikazu Koike

Brother's DNA of Continuing to Adapt to Changes of the Times and Environment

In 1908, Brother started its business as a sewing machine repairer and part manufacturer. Successively, the predecessor of Brother Industries, Ltd. was founded with three guiding principles as the spirit of foundation:

  1. Create work for people wishing to work
  2. Create factories with pleasant atmospheres
  3. Develop the import-based industry into the export-based industry

As the times changed, Brother faced various difficulties. However, despite the circumstances, we have continued to expand our business globally through provision of various products and services that meet the needs of the era to customers while our employees have contributed their ideas. The spirit that we have established through the transformation has been handed over by employees and inherited as the DNA that forms Brother.

Pursuing Transformation for Thorough Reinforcement of Earning Capacity

Under CS B2015, Brother's previous mid-term business strategy (FY2011-FY2015), we had set the targets of 750 billion yen of net sales, 58 billion yen of operating income, and 7.7% of operating income ratio as the roadmap to achieve the goals of our mid- to long-term corporate vision, Global Vision 21 : one trillion yen of net sales and 10% operating income ratio.

In FY2015, the final year of CS B2015, we were faced with increased economic uncertainty, a significant decrease in the sales of the industrial equipment business and so forth. However, despite the negative factors, our net sales reached 745.9 billion yen, the largest in our corporate history, due to the impact of the acquisition of Domino Printing Sciences plc (hereafter referred to as "Domino") as our consolidated subsidiary, etc. The operating income was 47.3 billion yen due to the negative impact of foreign exchange rates (mainly with the Euro), and factors triggering temporary profit decline that were associated with the acquisition of Domino, etc.

Under such circumstances, Brother established a new mid-term business strategy, CS B2018 , (FY2016 - FY2018) to transform itself into a powerful business structure capable of continuously generating more revenue than ever. We are committed to making a transformation to become a strong group, which can survive through any challenging environment.

Under CS B2018, we will undertake three transformations: Business Transformation, Operational Transformation and Talent Transformation, with the theme of "Transform for the Future." Through these transformations, we will strive to become a multi-business enterprise with resilient DNA and a track record of success that continually evolves to deliver profitable growth by meeting the challenges of changing times and environments.

To Become a Company that Customers Can Trust

The Brother Group will continue to pursue transformation for the future to become a company that customers can trust, employees can be proud to be part of and one that leads to a long successful future. We will appreciate your continuous understanding and expectations for all of the activities of the Brother Group.

Brother Industries, Ltd.
Representative Director & President

Toshikazu Koike

May, 2016