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Compliance at the Brother Group

Absolute compliance with laws and ethics as the basis of CSR management

The Brother Group is absolutely adamant about compliance. Compliance with laws and ethics upholds the foundations of our CSR management and is indispensable to avoiding risks.
In ensuring compliance on a group basis, the standard of behavior of employees is defined based on one of the Codes of Practice of the Brother Group Global Charter , Ethics and Morality and Principles of Social Responsibility  which guides us to fulfill our social responsibility with clear definition. BIL formed a Compliance Committee and set up the Employee Hotline for Compliance Issues to prevent and take quick action should any ethics issues arise. An initiative was launched to examine cases reported at group companies including companies outside Japan by establishing a Compliance Committees and the hotline desks respectively. Critical issues are also to be reported not only to the Compliance Committees of respective Brother Group companies but also to the BIL's Compliance Committee to build a structure for consolidated action against compliance risks on a group basis.
We will continue these activities with a view to their global development.

Compliance promotion structure

Compliance promotion structure

Stepping Up Efforts to Raise Employees Awareness at Group Companies

Maintaining and enhancing compliance structure through trainings and the compliance handbook

Compliance Joint Training
Compliance Joint Training

The Compliance Handbook was issued and distributed to all the employees at group companies in Japan, in order to raise their awareness of compliance and ethics.
In addition to the compliance code of conduct based on the Brother Group Global Charter, many parts of the handbook are devoted to specific sample cases and sections in a quiz format to encourage employees to learn proactively.
Compliance cards, which enable employees to check their own behaviors when they dither how to behave in their daily life, are also distributed to employees of the Brother Group.
Education activities such as providing various joint trainings (orientation for new employees, periodic basic training, seminar for those who will be on an oversea assignment) and online training courses via e-learning systems are offered.
The services of the Employee Hotline for Compliance have been set up for employees' relieved consultations.
Furthermore, to develop the compliance structure globally, efforts are under way to reconfirm the status of improvements and education in their compliance structures at manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, Philippines and etc. Based on the results of the reconfirmation, to maintain and enhance the compliance structure appropriate for the Brother Group, enforcement of education activities and etc. is conducted.
In accordance with the recent trends of laws and regulations, investigations of laws and regulations and enlightenment educations for respective Brother Group companies are conducted to ensure compliance with each country's bribery prevention laws, antimonopoly laws and etc.
The Brother Group will continue to enhance its compliance structure and education from a global perspective in line with the Brother Group Global Charter and the Brother Group Principles of Social Responsibility, in order to prevent corporate scandals and raise ethical awareness.