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Brother Group's CSR in Figures

The below tables show main figures associated with the Brother Group's CSR.

The Brother Group Global Charter

The Brother Group Global Charter  Established in 1999
Translation languages 27 languages
Global Charter promotional leaders* Approximately 560 employees
Dialogues between top management and employees* 269 times
  • *:   FY2015

For other information, please see "Sharing the Global Charter". 

Corporate Governance

Directors*1 11 directors (including 5 outside directors)
Statutory auditors*1 5 auditors (including 3 outside auditors)
Board of directors, statutory auditors and executive officers*1 37 officers in total (including 1 non-Japanese officer)
The Brother Group Principles of Social Responsibility  Established in 2012
Risk management committee*2 Convened twice
Internal audits*2 Conducted in 18 companies outside Japan and in 4 companies inside Japan
Global internal audit meeting Started in 2010
Group Information Management Regulation Established in 2015 (The information management regulation of Brother Industries, Ltd. was established in 2008.)
  • *1: As of June 24,2016
  • *2: FY2015

For other information, please see "Brother Group's CSR". 


Manufacturing facilities and sales facilities In more than 40 countries and regions
Basic Product Safety Policies  Established in 2008
Net sales* Consolidated ¥745,888 million
Net sales by region* Japan 18.3%
The Americas 34.3%
Europe 25.4%
Asia & Others 22.0%
  • *:   FY2015

For other information, please see "With Customers". 

Employees (Brother Industries, Ltd.)

Number of employees*1 Consolidated 36,307 / Non-consolidated 3,887
Employment rate of disabled persons*2 2.11%
Percentage of female managers*1 3.4% (27 managers)
Number of employees on childcare leave*3 57 employees (including 12 male employees)
Number of employees on family-care leave*3 0 employee
Number of employees who used the short-time working system for childcare*2 155 employees (including 11 male employees)
Number of employees who used the short-time working system for family-care*2 1 employee (including 1 male employee)
Number of employees on nursing care leave*2 29 employees (including 7 male employees)
Number of employees who used the homeworking system*3 29 employees (including 6 male employees)
The Brother Group Health & Productivity Management Philosophy  Established in 2016
Work accident frequency rate*2 0.13%
Global Safety Convention Held every year since 2008
Team Brother Project Launched in 2008
  • *1: As of March 31, 2016
  • *2: FY2015
  • *3: This indicates the number of employees who started their leave or homeworking in FY2015.

For other information, please see "With Employees". 

Business Partners

Procurement policy and CSR procurement standards Established in 2008
Green Procurement  Started in 2001
CSR questionnaire Formulated in 2011
(The survey has been conducted every three years since 2012.)
Number of companies that answered the CSR questionnaire More than 300 companies

For other information, please see "With Business Partners". 


Financial results briefing Held twice a year
Shareholder newsletter Issued twice a year
Company information session for private investors*2 Held 17 times in total
Morningstar Socially Responsible Investment Index (MS-SRI index) Brother Industries, Ltd. has been included in the MS-SRI index for the seventh consecutive year since 2008.
  • *1: For Brother's financial closing information, please see "Financial Information " in "Investor Information."
  • *2: FY2015

For other information, please see "With Shareholders". 

Local Communities

Tokai Young Entrepreneur Seminar Supported by Brother Industries, Ltd. since 2008
Employees' participation in the Golden Ring Project* In 18 countries and regions over the world
Number of employees on volunteer leave* 9 employees (Brother Industries, Ltd.)
  • *: FY2015

For other information, please see "With Local Communities". 


Performance Data Material Balance 
In-depth Data 
Main accomplishments in "the Brother Group Environmental Action Plan 2015 (2011-2015)"
Environmental Accounting   Environment Accounting (Detailed Data: FY2010-FY2015) [PDF/202KB]
Preventing Pollution   Flow of Substances Subject to PRTR at Brother Industries, Ltd. (FY2011-FY2015) [PDF/93KB]

For other information, please see "Environmental Activities".