With Customers

Safe and Secure Product Design

Customer-oriented Quality Standards: Building Customers' Viewpoint into Product Design

To enable customers to safely use products for many years

Brother products are used in different countries and regions around the globe, in diverse environments and in various ways. In addition, customers' expectations for our products have been changing day by day according to the changes in customers' lifestyles. The quality assurance department compiles trouble-related information from the market into a database, evaluates new products of our competitors, and establishes quality standards and evaluation methods for products by analyzing the information and evaluation results. Furthermore, to enable customers use our products with secure feelings, countermeasures to the troubles are built into products in the design phase to make customers feel Brother's characteristic product developments. Customer-oriented quality standards set quality target values reflecting "At your side." (the motto of the Brother Group) to our product development.
Customer-oriented quality standards are constantly reviewed by closely examining repair requests and call center inquiries or responding to the changes in customers' expectations to products.

Promoting Customer Verification

Assuming customers' product usage scenes to reflect them to product development

As customers' usages differ in response to product category, assuming customers' product usage scenes to reflect them to product development is important.

For example, mobile products are used by customers after being carried freely to where they want to use them. There are various transportation methods for customers not only cars but also motorbikes, bicycles and so on.

Although we expect customers to carry products face up and gently with them, some customers actually transport products upside down in their bags and so the products are subjected to big shocks repeatedly. For this reason, we measured the vibration during real transportations by setting measuring instrument on bicycles, motorbikes, and cars to record vibrating conditions and reflected results of the measurements to the conditions of vibration test of mobile products.

Vibration waveform of a carrier of motorbike
Vibration waveform of a carrier of motorbike

Meanwhile, we introduced a new vibration testing system which enables us to evaluate mobile products close to real use conditions and can generate various vibration conditions when the products are mounted on vehicles at a time. This enabled us to conduct highly reproducible evaluation of products in a short period of time and bring products into completion by overcoming specific problems only for mobile products.

The Brother Group sticks to delivering customers safe and secure products one by one through investigating customers' product usage conditions to develop products in response to them.