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Enhanced Customer Service by Launching New Contact in Addition to Telephone Support

Brother (China) Ltd. started a support service using the SNS WeChat

Brother (China) Ltd. (BCN), a sales facility in China, established a call center and has been dealing with customers' inquiries about the breakdown of their products and how to use them. However, as the users of Brother products increased, BCN faced a necessity to build a more desirable support system.
Therefore, to improve service quality, in May 2014, BCN launched an online customer service that enables customers to inquire in the form of chat via the Internet. BCN has been making efforts to improve the quality of this online service, and more and more customers are recently using it. They can, for example, immediately obtain URL links for downloading printer drivers or user's manuals and get faster support through this service. In China where more than 80 languages or dialects exist, communication by characters has the merits of being easy to understand each other and share knowledge compared to telephone conversation that is hard to pick up the words of customers.

As the number of smartphone users rapidly increases, the SNS service WeChat is getting widely used in China. The statistics made by Baidu, the major search engine in China, shows that 90 percent or more of the smartphones used in China already use WeChat in the first quarter of 2015, with 549 million people using it actively per month.

Top page of Brother China Service
Top page of Brother China Service

To cope quickly with this change of the times, BCN decided to launch a customer support system using SNS WeChat in 2015. BCN then created its new official account for WeChat, Brother China Service, in April 2016. That easily enables users to purchase materials and consumables they need or obtain the information of repair/support shops via the functions of WeChat.
In case customers are in troubles with their Brother products or related services, they can use the shooting and transmitting function of WeChat to detect a cause in a moment, and thus be guided to a solution speedily and successfully.
BCN is planning to provide customers with more solutions, including support videos that help customers learn intuitively how to operate Brother products.

With the "At your side." motto in mind, always placing its customers first, the Brother Group will focus its efforts on further improvement of customer satisfaction.