Global Brother Brother's CSR With Employees Promoting Activities to Enhanceing Employee's Pride


With Employees

Promoting Activities to Enhance Employee's Pride

To Carry on "Brother's Uniqueness"

"Team Brother Project"

At a regular meeting
At a regular meeting

Brother Industries, Ltd. (BIL) launched the "Team Brother Project" in FY2008 to address issues of "how to carry on our corporate culture referred to as 'Brother's uniqueness' amidst the gradual increase of young employees," and "how to improve employee satisfaction and ensure a better working environment where people can engage in challenging works."
Under this project, facilitators are selected from all the departments to promote activities in their respective departments. They analyze the causes of the problems in their respective department, set annual departmental targets based on the analysis, and promote continuous improvements. These are big feature of this project.
In addition to each department's autonomous approach, regular meetings with the participation of facilitators in all the departments are held to share information regarding each department's activity, hold case-based discussions, and provide opportunities to learn about the company's performance, among others.

Aiming to be a company where everybody can challenge

We can see the fruits of these continuous company-wide activities in the employees' awareness surveys as the yearly rise in the score of employees' sense of pride toward the company.
Furthermore, since FY2014, we have been working on company-wide "develop a culture of challenge" activities. The policy of "Team Brother Project" is proactively creating an environment for employees to be able to challenge.
We have been making efforts to create a proactive atmosphere in which everybody can challenge and an environment in which everybody can engage in at ease.