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With Employees

Developing Human Resources at Each Regions

Development of Human Assets Placing the Right Person in the Right Place

Giving priority to utilizing employees' talents and abilities, respecting diversity, and offering challenging work assignments

As stated in the "Our Associates" section of the Global Charter , the Brother Group gives priority to:
(1) respecting associates' diversity;
(2) utilizing associates' talents and abilities to the fullest; and
(3) giving associates great opportunity through challenging work assignments.
It is important to develop human assets who can fulfill their tasks in respective countries, regions, and businesses, and to upgrade relevant programs, to enable associates to fully use their talents and enhance skills over the long term. We are therefore committed to improving the environment for developing human assets and arranging various programs.

"Takumi Dojo" to Hand Down the Essence of "Manufacturing"

Handing down the knowledge and skills which support the quality of products, thereby improving the workplace of "Manufacturing"

Young employees learning filing at Takumi Dojo
Young employees learning filing at Takumi Dojo

The Machinery Business Division started "Takumi Dojo" (translates into artisan workshop) in 2006 in which knowledge and skills supporting the quality of products are handed down so as to develop the ability to create customer value with Brother's technologies.
In Takumi Dojo, senior employees serve as instructors and teach knowledge about parts, knowledge about the influence of accuracy of assembling and processing to products, technical skills, attitude to work, safety awareness, etc. to young employees through the curriculum in a year. The school develops human resources who would be able to initiate reform in a workplace with a perspective of finding out issues by themselves as well as sufficient knowledge about the essence of manufacturing that supports our products.

Not only the young employees learning at Takumi Dojo, but also senior employees serving as instructors realize their own growth, saying, "To train students effectively, I need to learn by myself, too. That improves my knowledge and skills."
The Machinery Business Division started production in a factory in China in 2011. We have been searching for the best way to pass on knowledge and skills about manufacturing while respecting diversity in a different culture. In the factory in China, local employees who are in charge of human resource development serve as instructors to teach employees in accordance with Chinese cultures. The Japanese instructors at Takumi Dojo train local employees to become instructors who could teach the essence of manufacturing.

The Brother Group will continue to improve our employees' ability and skills so that we could create excellent values and provide customers with them swiftly as a manufacturing company.

Encouraging challenges by individual employee

Enhancing employees' spirit of challenge and encouraging their actions by holding meetings with the management continuously and sharing examples of actions

Brother (China) Ltd. (BCN), one of the sales sites in China, has been developing human resources in many ways so that employees could share corporate culture to realize their own growth.

On every Monday, the management send a message to all employees on business situations or ideas about CSR. At a morning meeting held on every Monday, employees report the daily cases in which they used their inventiveness, and are given approval or advice by the management, aiming to share information between them.

A dialogue between the top management and employees
A dialogue between the top management and employees

Moreover, there is an occasion where the top management and employees can talk face to face with the purpose of consulting on employees' concern and gaining some insight. There were twelve such occasions in 2015, participated in by more than 100 employees.
In addition, a presentation called the Global Charter SHOW is held. Employees present the result of their efforts along with its process in association with the content of the Brother Group Global Charter. One of the employees, for example, reported a successful effort to meet a customer's request within 24 hours in cooperation with a manufacturing facility in China. Excellent cases are commended by the company so as to enhance the spirit of challenge of individual employee and to recommend further positive actions. This presentation was held for eleven times in FY 2015, participated in by 242 employees.

In hierarchical training courses, special programs are respectively developed for "supervisors" who are to bring out maximum ability of individual employees toward our objectives by encouraging many of them and the "managers" who control their groups and the whole team to create innovative processes and results. BCN has thus been committed to enhance employees' ability to facilitate and support the challenges by them.

The shield for Talent resource strategy Innovation Award
The shield for Talent resource strategy Innovation Award

In 2015, BCN was awarded with "Talent resource strategy Innovation Award" at 2015 Labour Forum, sponsored by a daily newspaper "Labor Daily" founded in 1949.
The main features that are highly evaluated and regarded as facilitating growth of employees include: sharing corporate culture; enhancing employees' awareness of CSR; and encouraging challenges by employees.

The Brother Group will continue to respect diversity of employees and to provide them with the work environment where they can exercise various skills as well as the opportunity to be involved in a challenging work.

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