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Developing Human Resources at Each Region

Development of Human Assets Placing the Right Person in the Right Place

Giving priority to utilizing employees' talents and abilities, respecting diversity, and offering challenging work assignments

As stated in the "Our Associates" section of the Global Charter, the Brother Group gives priority to:
(1) respecting associates' diversity;
(2) utilizing associates' talents and abilities to the fullest; and
(3) giving associates great opportunity through challenging work assignments.
It is important to develop human assets who can fulfill their tasks in respective countries, regions, and businesses, and to upgrade relevant programs, to enable associates to fully use their talents and enhance skills over the long term. We are therefore committed to improving the environment for developing human assets and arranging various programs.

"Look to the Future" Workshop was Held in Europe with the Participation of Young Employees across Border

Workshop for personal development with expectations for young employees who will take the lead in the future Brother was held again in this year

Young employees taking a classroom lecture
Young employees taking a classroom lecture
Young employees observing how the toner cartridges they sell are recycled
Young employees observing how the toner cartridges they sell are recycled

Brother International Europe Ltd., a sales company in Manchester, UK , that is responsible for sales in Europe, has been holding workshop named "Look to the Future" every year since 2006 with the participation of up-and-coming young employees from sales and service facilities in European countries. In this year, 26 employees from 14 countries in Europe participated in the workshop.
It was held in June, three days and two nights. On the first day, lecture on Brother's history and business content, review of the Brother Group Global Charter , that defines "Basic Policies" and "Codes of Practice" for decisions and actions that group companies and employees worldwide conform to with daily operations, and Global Vision 21 , Brother Group's mid- to long-term vision, were conducted. The participants were surprised to know that Brother is a traditional company with a history of over 100 years and even at the time of the establishment of Brother, it had timeless global "Prospectus of Establishment".
On the second day, they were divided into some groups and each group gave presentations on the following themes previously provided.

  • Create sales promotional concepts using the Brother brand
  • How to promote the usage of video/Web conferencing system in business
  • CSR - suggestions and promotion of environmental activities

Group leaders nervously but confidently made presentations with respective ideas and outcomes. On the last day, they had a factory tour of toner cartridge recycle lines in Brother Industries (U.K.) Wales, UK. Seeing firsthand how toner cartridges that they sell is recycled raised their environmental awareness.

Following comments were heard from them.

  • I met new colleagues who work in other counties in person for the first time and learned many new things about Brother. After returning to my country, I will utilize the ideas for business plan that were discussed by all the participants.
  • It was very significant for me to get in touch with colleagues in each country, learn about what Brother has been achieved, and exchange information.
    To deepen a sense of unity among employees across borders and boost employees' awareness as a member of global company were the biggest goal of this workshop.

Brother Group will continuously conduct activities like this for the development of young employees and focus on human resource development to foster employees who can play an active role with the skills to look ahead to the future as a member of global company.