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Developing Human Resources at Each Region

Development of Human Assets placing the right person in the right place

Giving priority to utilizing employees' talents and abilities, respecting diversity, and offering challenging work assignments

As stated in the "Our Associates" section of the Global Charter, the Brother Group gives priority to:
(1) respecting associates' diversity;
(2) utilizing associates' talents and abilities to the fullest; and
(3) giving associates great opportunity through challenging work assignments.
It is important to develop human assets who can fulfill their tasks in respective countries, regions, and businesses, and to upgrade relevant programs, to enable associates to fully use their talents and enhance skills over the long term. We are therefore committed to improving the environment for developing human assets and arranging various programs.

BIVN's Successful Japanese Language Program

Training Japanese-speaking local staff for global business

Japanese language instructors
Japanese language instructors
Participants concentrating in class
Participants concentrating in class

Brother Industries (Vietnam) Ltd. (BIVN) has offered Japanese language training since it was established in 2006. In December 2011, BIVN launched a new Japanese language program for Vietnamese staff to help them communicate with Japanese employees of the Brother Group.

This program is run by instructors comprising three Vietnamese staff from BIVN's in charge of human resource department and Vietnamese university students majoring in Japanese (as part-timers). With 46 participants selected from applicants, the first four-month semester started in April 2012.

The program is designed to give the participants a sense of progress, such as by learning practical Japanese expressions they can use in day-to-day work at BIVN. Outside the classes, other BIVN employees and supervisors help the participants to learn Japanese by encouraging them to use it at work and by complimenting them when correcting their reports written in Japanese.

Unlike Chinese people, Vietnamese people do not use Chinese characters, so it takes them longer to master Japanese. The latest program is geared to improving proficiency quickly, typically 50% faster than for Vietnamese using general Japanese learning materials. Nevertheless, in the test to assess their knowledge (full marks: 500 points) at the end of the first semester in July 2012, the participants scored 49.7 points higher on average than the previous test, far beyond the target increase of 35 points.

Everyone now recognizes the effectiveness of the program, which has been running smoothly in the second (August-November 2012) and third semester (December 2012-March 2013). And of course, the participants are even keener to learn Japanese as they see their progress.

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