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Developing Human Resources for Global Business

Developing Human Resources for Global Business

The development and exchange of human resources worldwide are the key to business development

With the progress of globalization, the Brother Group sees the development and exchange of human resources worldwide as the key to business development, and is, therefore, providing training aimed at carrying Brother's DNA and improving management skills, and promoting personnel exchanges on a global level, etc. As a part of these efforts, we have been conducting training to develop the skills of the employees at the sites outside Japan to take over management, and a program for sending young employees from Japan abroad as trainees for the purpose of giving them business experiences in different countries early on in their careers.
We will promote human resource development into global, well-structured and long-term programs, by sharing information on human resources development in each country and region.

Fostering Managers of Facilities outside Japan on a Global Basis

Conducting manager fostering training courses that meet local needs

Participants working on group work
Participants working on group work
Result presentation to superiors
Result presentation to superiors

In Brother Industries (Vietnam) Ltd. (BIVN), manager fostering training courses have been conducted since 2014. It aimed to cultivate next candidates for managers early. These training courses were started with the support of Brother Industries in response to BIVN's request for fostering Vietnamese managers who will have a key role in autonomous factory operations. In FY 2015, Vietnamese manager candidates were selected as the second and third batches of trainees (nine for the second, ten for the third) to participate in the training courses.
At the creation of the curriculum for the training courses, hearings to both the participants and their superiors and 360-degree surveys were conducted to grasp the managerial worries of the participants and expectations from their superiors to them.
The training courses were focused on especially needed managerial abilities, "reporting, contacting, and consultation", "team management" and "interdepartmental cooperation".
During the training courses, the participants gained not only knowledge but also hands-on learnings through various group works with sharing their experiences and worries among them. To utilize the awareness from the learnings, they created their action plans monthly to overcome their challenges and worked on the improvement in their behavior with many interviews with their superiors. A superior of the participant mentioned that he felt the participant's growth in breadth of vision, devoting undivided attention not only to the participant's scope of work but also to wider ranges and other departments.
The same training course was also conducted in Brother Industries (Philippines), Inc. in FY 2015, with 15 manager candidates participating in workshops and management classes. The participants are enhancing their consciousness of leading their companies as managers by awaking that their small changes in behavior and mind make the communications with people around them smooth although they are feeling the gaps between "understanding" and "practice".
The Brother Group remains committed to systematically developing global human resources over the long term.