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Promoting CSR Procurement

Promoting CSR procurement with suppliers

Unveiling "Procurement Policy" and "CSR Procurement Standards"

To share a mutual understanding about CSR procurement with parts and materials suppliers, the Brother Group put its "Procurement Policy" and "CSR Procurement Standards" on the website. In addition to green procurement practices which give priority to purchasing environmentally friendly parts and materials, the new policy and standards have been expanded to cover human rights and labor, employees' health and safety, fair trade and ethics, product quality and safety, information security, social contributions, and other aspects. Meanwhile, the Brother Group remains committed to promoting CSR activities together with the suppliers.

<Procurement policy>

  • The Brother Group acts fairly with all suppliers.
  • The Brother Group respects the rules and spirit of laws in all countries and regions where we operate, and builds strong, respectful working relationships with suppliers for mutual growth.
  • The Brother Group promotes environmentally friendly "green procurement," and reduces impact on the environment through the lifecycle of its products.
  • The Brother Group places our customers first everywhere, every time, while remaining committed to delivering high quality products and services at reasonable costs.
  • The Brother Group considers issues concerning conflict minerals* as very important matters, and will take proactive approaches toward responsible procurement of minerals.
  • *:   Conflict minerals are minerals unrightfully mined in a conflict zone. Trading of conflict minerals helps finance armed groups and results in human right violations, labor maltreatment, environmental destructions, etc. in the areas, which has been plagued by regional conflict.

<CSR procurement standards>

The Brother Group procures products and services from business partners that:

  • respect fundamental human rights of all people, and do not enforce unfair labor practices and illegal labor of children.
  • ensure the safety and health of employees and act to create a safe and comfortable working environment.
  • take proactive measures to protect the global environment.
  • respect the rules and spirit of laws, and act fairly with the highest integrity.
  • work on building a framework for delivering safe, high quality products to customers.
  • have a framework for managing information in place, and keep personal information and confidential information secure.
  • make efforts to become a good corporate citizen, sharing our social, economic and cultural resources in all the communities.
  • try to avoid using unrightfully mined minerals from conflict zones as raw materials.

Working with Suppliers to Enhance Commitment to CSR

Conducting a questionnaire to advance CSR-based procurement

Collecting questionnaire results via B'snet Portal, an information sharing network that connects the Brother Group with suppliers
Collecting questionnaire results via B'snet Portal, an information sharing network that connects the Brother Group with suppliers

In accordance with the Brother Group Global Charter , the Brother Group has been working on CSR in various fields to become a company that is trusted by all people associated with Brother, including customers and employees. CSR workshops have been held in different parts of the world to share this commitment with suppliers from whom parts and materials are procured. However, we were not able to confirm whether suppliers were committed to Brother's CSR activities because of the extensive scope of their activities ranging from safety and health to protection of the global environment.
In 2011, a CSR questionnaire was prepared to launch a program to "visualize" levels of commitment to CSR. In 2013, questionnaire responses were collected from more than 300 companies through B'snet Portal (Brother's proprietary information sharing network) and by other methods.
The latest CSR questionnaire has provided in-depth explanations about the CSR-based procurement standards set by Brother. Thus, the questionnaire has helped further promote CSR-based procurement. By identifying the levels of commitment to CSR by respective suppliers, Brother Group's CSR staff in different parts of the world will be able to work on improvement and promotion activities depending on the progress made by suppliers. This effort is expected to raise the group's overall level of commitment to CSR.

Commending Excellent CSR Activities of Suppliers

Commending excellent cases, and establishing the system to share information with suppliers

Interview with a supplier
Interview with a supplier

In July 2015, we requested the suppliers of Kariya Manufacturing facility, Brother Machinery Xian Co., Ltd. (BMX) and Brother Machinery Vietnam Co., Ltd. (BMV), where industrial sewing machines and other products for the machinery business are produced, to answer the questionnaire asking on seven issues such as compliance, environment and safety, and conducted the inspection of their sites.
In FY2016, aiming at improving our CSR activities, we will raise the examples of activities of suppliers, commend excellent cases, and share them with other suppliers.
Suppliers are expected to present their CSR activities carried out so far, including improvement of working environment, reduction of waste, acquisition of ISO 14001 certificate and the efforts made based on it, activities planned in the future and issues they are faced with, and their policies as a CSR declaration.
The presentations will be accepted from July through August 2016. We will review them, conduct on-site inspection of suppliers if necessary, and commend excellent ones in February 2017.
The Brother Group will continue making effort to grow with our business partners by building mutual trustful relationships, with the purpose of speedily delivering superior values to customers.

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