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Social Contributions Activities in Asia / Oceania

Supporting an Elementary School in the Philippines with Poor Educational Facilities

Enhancing the quality of education to encourage pupils' motivation to study

The Brother Group has been involved in various social contribution activities in respective countries and regions, with the purpose of sharing our social, economic and cultural resources in all the communities.

Brother International Philippines Corporation (BIC (P)) has been supporting Inigan Elementary School in the province of Rizal since 2012. BIC (P) worked with an NGO called the Philippine Business for Social Progress to choose this school among those which had been operated without assistance or with a little aid.

BIC (P) employees regularly visit Inigan Elementary School to improve a studying environment for pupils by donating school supplies including notebooks and pencils as well as equipment such as chairs, blackboards and solar panels. BIC (P) also plans an educational trip in every December so that pupils would be able to have some social experiences. They donate its expenses and also accompany children on this trip. In 2015, they took pupils to an institution in Manila where visitors can experience many kinds of work. Children learned about the jobs of nurses, firefighters and others.

Employees giving a lesson about the environment
Employees giving a lesson about the environment

Besides, the employees of BIC (P) teach children about the environment, explaining the importance of the global environment and water resources, and the Brother Groups' effort to preserve them through 5R activities. Many of the children live in the neighborhood of a scenic reserve area, which makes it more meaningful for them to learn the significance of global environment conservation.

The pupils of Inigan Elementary School became highly motivated to study with the aid of BIC (P), and achieved the highest score at the academic examination implemented across the Philippines in March 2015, among 11 public elementary schools in the area where the school is located.

In response to the aid of BIC (P), one of the parents of the pupils says, "Your support is not only for us or the pupils but also for the environment. We usually produce coal to raise the money to buy school supplies for our children. Your help has made us refrain from cutting trees and causing destruction of the ozone layer, though. We are very grateful to you."

BIC (P) will continue to promote activities to contribute to local communities.

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