With Customers

Developing Products with "Customers First" in Mind

We Take Customer Opinions as the Starting Point of Our Business Activities and Deliver Products and Services That Meet Customer Needs

Sharing information among departments to incorporate customer needs into our products

Brother's unique management system to respond to customer needs
Brother's unique management system to respond to customer needs

The Brother Group practices an original management system called the "Brother Value Chain Management " (BVCM), and delivers superior products and services to customers based on the "At your side." spirit.
In the Concurrent Chain of BVCM, the product concepts created in the Demand Chain are given a concrete shape. Product simulations and focus group testing by intended users are run again and again before and after prototyping. Through this process, we develop and design our products speedily while ensuring high product quality.
The production engineering department designs optimal production lines to deliver our products at the right time for our customers. Respective departments concurrently work toward the commercialization of products while sharing information with each other to swiftly address customer needs with our products.

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Group-wide Product Development

Building a structure that involves the largest-ever number of employees and allows them to undertake various development activities concurrently

Young staff who participated in one of the working groups
Young staff who participated in one of the working groups
Brother has realized printing quality with a deep black level.
Brother has realized printing quality with a deep black level.

With the key phrase "Do not stop business," we started the development of new business inkjet printers to bring them to the business market, which was mainly occupied by laser printers. The new inkjet printers were developed based on our product strategies that aimed at providing industry-leading printing quality suitable for business documents, the industry's fastest FPOT*, and a product life cycle of about 150 thousand sheets, which far exceeds that of Brother's existing models.

This project involved the largest-ever number of employees as a project for inkjet printer development and organized 14 working groups and their sub-working groups in an effort to build a structure capable of conducting various development activities concurrently.
To grasp customer requirements for product quality, such departments as QM, Design, and Development worked together to thoroughly analyze the products against which we benchmarked our products, and set clear development targets and quantified them.
We decided to use pigment ink to pursue high printing quality, but this ink was worse in reliability, ink ejection, and adhesion to paper, compared to dye ink. To promptly solve these problems, staff engaged in ink development and those engaged in the development of mechanism, software, and hardware worked unitedly, and thereby realized printing quality with a high black concentration further exceeding that of other competitors' products. After the new products were launched, their "easy-to-read" clear printing was highly appreciated by customers.

The Brother Group will continue to deliver products and services that meet customer needs.

  • *:   First Print Output Time. It means the time required by a printer to print the first sheet after the print button is clicked.