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Talent Development

Working toward Talent Development for Global Business

Respecting diversity and individuality among employees and cultivating global talent who can deliver superior value

As stated in the "Our Associates" section of the Brother Group Global Charter , the Brother Group gives priority to:
(1) respecting associates' diversity;
(2) utilizing associates' talents and abilities to the fullest; and
(3) giving associates great opportunity through challenging work assignments.
At the Brother Group, we believe that talent development tailored to respective countries, regions, and business segments and the upgrade of relevant systems lead to helping employees fully use their talents and enhance skills over a long period of time. Based on this idea, we are committed to creating a better environment for fostering employees’ talents and building various systems.

As part of such efforts, we have been providing training courses which aim to nurture managerial talent at our manufacturing facilities outside Japan and programs that enable employees to work in different countries at an early stage of their careers, including a program designed for young employees in Japan to be sent abroad as trainees.

The Brother Group will globally promote fostering human resources in a well-planned, long-term manner while sharing information on talent development activities conducted in respective countries and regions among the whole group.

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Globally Developing New Managers in Manufacturing Facilities outside Japan

Implementing training for manager candidates catering to respective local needs

Participants engaging in a discussion during the training course
Participants engaging in a discussion during the training course
Results presentation to supervisors
Results presentation to supervisors

Since 2014, Brother Industries (Vietnam) Ltd. (BIVN) has been conducting a management training program designed for new manager candidates to receive training at an early stage in their careers. This program started with the support of Brother Industries, Ltd. (BIL) in response to BIVN's request to foster Vietnamese managers who will take a leading role in factory operations.

The training program had its second class with nine selected employees and third class with ten in FY2015, which was followed by the fourth class with eight in FY2016.

In a half-year training course, participants receive a 360-degree survey, by which they understand their own strengths and weaknesses as well as their supervisors’ expectations, and then learn team management, interdepartmental cooperation, and methods to coach subordinates. Meanwhile, to overcome their own challenges, the participants make efforts to improve their behavior by formulating action improvement plans and reflecting the plans in their work, and having many interviews with their supervisors.

A supervisor of one of the participants said that this management training program helped the participant grow to look at the bigger picture, including other departments. This training initiative has also been conducted in Brother Industries Saigon, Ltd. and Brother Industries (Philippines), Inc., and a total of 90 manager candidates in these two facilities and BIVN have participated in it so far. Despite feeling the difference between "understanding" and "practicing," the participants have realized that their small actions and positive mental attitudes can make communication with people around them smoother, and have increased their understanding in leading Brother’s growth as managers.

The whole Brother Group remains committed to developing human resources on a long-term basis.

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Implementing the Global Leadership Program for Further Growth

Establishing a structure where employees can learn continuously

In the Asia-Pacific (AP) region, where relatively many young Brother sales facilities are located, the Brother Group has been making efforts to maximize the group's power by increasing the opportunity for its employees to become aware of the history and culture of the Brother Group as well as the horizontal ties among the Brother facilities.
Brother International Corporation (BIC(J)), which is a regional headquarters in the AP region, has been taking the initiative in implementing the Global Leadership Program (GLP) since 2014 to develop human resources beyond the borders of counties and regions in the AP region.
The GLP is composed of a group training session and a pre-assignment thereof, and a project which each facility individually conducts several months after the group training. With these program components, the GLP aims to establish a structure where employees can continue to learn and accumulate experience.

Participants learning about the technologies and products of the Brother Group
Participants learning about the technologies and products of the Brother Group
Participants having a discussion beyond the boundaries of countries and regions
Participants having a discussion beyond the boundaries of countries and regions

In October 2016, a three-day group training session was held in Japan with the participation of 18 employees from seven facilities (Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, India, U.A.E., and Turkey). The participated employees, including many who visited the headquarters in Japan for the first time, learned about the history and DNA of the Brother Group, and products created with changes in the group's technologies. They also thought about the ideal status of an organization and actions to be taken to address a new challenge or exercise leadership.
The participants, beyond the borders of countries and regions, had discussions, made presentations about the future vision of the AP sales facilities and proposals for its realization to the BIC(J) management, and also formulated and declared their own action plans. Through this three-day period, the participants enhanced their sense of unity as the members of the Brother Group.
The after-training project individually conducted by each facility develops activities for enhancing Brother's organizational power beyond its departmental boundaries, involving a workshop for acquiring expertise in financial and other fields, and product training for employees in administrative departments.
The GLP received favorable comments from the participants. Some of them said that the GLP served as an opportunity for them to interact with members in other countries and regions and to realize the ties among the global Brother Group. They also said that the pre-assignment and the after-training project helped strengthen the teamwork between superiors and subordinates and among colleagues.

The Brother Group will hand down its DNA and develop the next generation of human resources for its long, successful future.

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