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CSR procurement is an increasingly accepted practice worldwide. Endorsing and ensuring CSR procurement helps companies avoid social risks and gain more opportunities to acquire new customers. The Brother Group is proud to do business with suppliers who uphold this notion and commit themselves to prosperity with us based on mutual trust. We have received much feedback from these suppliers.

Comments from suppliers

Mr. Lv liu lin

Continuing CSR activities associated with employees

Zhuhai Fit Co., Ltd
Mr. Lv liu lin

Our CSR activities up to now
  1. Have provided safety training, including emergency evacuation and fire drills, and also reviewed it every year since September 2014.
  2. Have improved and updated our company rules to comply with regulations on personal information protection every year since August 2014.
  3. Regularly check employees' working environment and conduct a routine health check-up for employees every year.
  4. Entrench the environmental ethic that "environmental conservation is honorable while environmental destruction is shameful" and conduct workforce training on environmental awareness every May.
  5. Conducted a labor union activity to enrich employees' leisure time in November 2017.
  6. Hold a year-end party and a lottery event in the whole FIT group* and provide superior employees with financial incentives at the end of every year.
Future targets and efforts relating to CSR
  1. Continue to provide in-house training on environment, health, and safety and improve the quality of employees.
  2. Carry on labor union activities to enrich employees' leisure time.
  3. Improve and continue ongoing CSR activities to create a better working and living environment for employees and enhance their sense of belonging.
  • *:   the generic name of the group companies including the parent company Hong Kong Fit Co., Ltd.


Promoting various activities for environmental protection, safety and health, and so forth

Taihan Precision Technology (Philippines) Co., Inc.

Our CSR activities up to now
  1. Drug-free company in support of the government's fight against the use of illegal drugs.
  2. Continue joining and supporting tree-planting activities and other environment related projects.
  3. Provide activities involving children of employees like Halloween Trick or Treat.
  4. Continue the program "Recycle and Use" by recycling and reusing old materials.
  5. Support the health and safety of all pregnant employees by supplying milk and fresh fruits on a daily basis.
  6. Continuously comply with labor laws and standards by following the department order 174 issued by the Philippines' Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) when it comes to sub-contracting employees.
  7. Aim to minimize the absenteeism rate through the "Perfect Attendance Incentives Program," where employees are given mobile prepaid load cards and cash gifts for rendering perfect attendance per month, quarter, half-year, and year.
  8. Target "Zero accident" rate in the company by awarding free meals to employees who follow safety standards.
  9. Improve the skills and knowledge of employees through free seminars and training.
Future targets and efforts relating to CSR
  1. Hazard free workplace where employees will get an understanding of hazardous materials starting from purchasing to manufacturing.
  2. Paperless transactions where all company transactions will use a system starting from request to final approval.
  3. Give back to the community by supporting children with cancer by conducting a blood donation activity.
  4. Improve working relationships and strengthen each section's performance through a team building activity.

Ms. Le Thi Huyen

Remain and improve continuously CSR activities

Fuji Seiko Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Ms. Le Thi Huyen

Our CSR activities up to now
  1. Always try to meet the need of the workers as much as possible, in order to create a safe working environment, thereby the workers will feel comfortable producing.
  2. Give a special meal for employees every Friday.
  3. Organize "Lucky draw" at the end of the year.
  4. Provide healthy examination every year.
  5. Organize courses on occupational safety and health, chemical safety to improve the knowledge of workers. Encourage employees to attend professional training courses to raise their qualifications.
  6. Provide and supervise the wearing of labor protection while working to avoid risk of accident with the criterion "Safety First".
  7. Provide training to monitor waste classification, strictly control the use of chemicals to reduce hazardous waste.
  8. Promote the recycling of nylon, cardboard, waste wood.
  9. Always remind employees to save electric and water.
  10. Respond to CSR activities of customers as well as functional agencies.
  11. Participate in CSR activities launched in the local.
Future targets and efforts relating to CSR
  1. Create a better safety working environment.
    • Clean the lubricate on the floor with higher frequency.
    • Patrol and supervise whether they wear the implement of labor protection or not.
    • Maintain machinery periodically.
    • Take health care on site by building a health care room and an employee doctor outside.
  2. Provide more welfare for employees.
    • Try to organize useful activities such as a tour.
    • Be able to improve some allowance for women labor.
  3. Management hazardous waste well.
    • Sorting waste training and management.
    • Save lubrication, minimize hazards in every section such as oiled clothes.

Target for CSR activity 2018
" Remain and improve continuously CSR activities"

Mr. Xiong Zhonghua

Responsibility to respect and protect the environment

Shenzhen Wenxin Electronics Co., Ltd.
Mr. Xiong Zhonghua

In 2016 and 2017, we conducted cleanup activities, in which we sorted out the litter gathered by each group and brought it to a garbage station. Our employees were greatly delighted with these two environmental activities and asked the company to hold such an activity more frequently. This type of meaningful environmental activity provides employees with an opportunity not only to engage in physical recreation but also to contribute to society. The cleanup activities also helped our employees raise their environmental awareness.
We all have the responsibility to respect and protect the environment because we live on one precious earth under the same sky.
We will not make our environmental activities mere formalities but develop them to give employees opportunities to truly enlighten themselves and to fulfill their responsibilities and roles as members of society.

Ms. Zhang Ying Ying

Promoting environmental improvement while advocating a low-carbon life style

Shenzhen Chee Yuen Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
Ms. Zhang Ying Ying

Our CSR activities up to now
  • Implement activities such as safety education and training, patrols, inspections, and risk assessments in a structured way to place priority on "safety first" in our manufacturing activities, and thereby build a safe and pleasant working environment and ensure the safety and health of our employees.
  • Strive to prevent contamination and avoid using hazardous materials by strengthening the management of chemicals.
  • Continuously promote the collection and recycling of cardboard boxes, heptane usage management, and the selective procurement of raw materials, thereby realizing an increase in the collection of cardboard boxes, safer use of heptane and a prohibition against the procurement of hazardous raw materials.
  • Value the earth and focus on environmental conservation.
  • Contribute to society through donations to natural disasters.
  • Improve the internal management system.
  • Provide employees with many leisure and recreational opportunities through internal events, such as an athletic festival, a night gathering to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and interleague basketball games, to promote camaraderie among employees.
Future targets and efforts relating to CSR
  • Create a better workplace environment.
  • Improve the living environment of employees.
  • Advocate a low-carbon life style, including eco-friendly, energy-saving practices and the use of public transportation.
  • Conduct activities on the subject of firefighting and safety.

Mr. Zengjinbiao

Improving ongoing CSR activities continuously and fostering a sense of belonging among employees

Unifive Technology(Shen Zhen)Co., Ltd.
Mr. Zengjinbiao

Our CSR activities up to now
  1. Implement monthly performance assessments for employees and give incentives to outstanding employees. Provide all employees with annual incentives at the end of each year.
  2. Provide meal costs to respective departments every year.
  3. Hold a year-end party and a drawing at the end of each year.
  4. Place importance on working conditions and safe production. Conduct monthly inspections in respective workplaces to build safe and healthy workplace environments.
  5. Promote building a safe and healthy workplace environment and give consideration to the health of employees. Conduct a medical check-up for employees every year and monitor on-site environments.
  6. Carry out a semiannual education and enlightenment activity for safe production and add safe production in the company's priority issues.
Future targets and efforts relating to CSR

We as a company will continue to improve our ongoing CSR activities and foster a sense of belonging among employees.

  1. Provide an annual health check-up for employees.
  2. Conduct hill-climbing every year.

Mr. Kiyoto Ikegami

Continuing to conduct CSR activities to contribute to society

Mr. Kiyoto Ikegami

Our CSR activities up to now
  1. Provide benefits according to the needs of employees.
  2. Comply with legal and labor issues and orders.
  3. Target zero accident in our work places and implement "Safety First" at all times.
  4. Provide internal and external training for employees for the growth of their skills in terms of clerical and technical matters.
  5. Coordinate and support environmental activities held by our Industrial Park (Light Industry and Science Park III) or customers' activities.
  6. Promote a recycle program.
  7. Implement the use of eco-friendly materials.
  8. Implement energy saving reminders.
Future targets and efforts relating to CSR
  1. Help students by cooperating in the K-12 Partnership Linkage Program of ICCP foundation of High School Students.
  2. Promote camaraderie by holding gift giving and a feeding program to a chosen school located near our site.
  3. Show cooperation, coordination among companies in our Industrial Park (Light Industry and Science Park III) by participating in tree planting held by the Park.

Mr. Le Quoc Huan

Making all company rules conform to labor laws and establishing a healthy workplace environment

Evergreen Screws Industry (Viet Nam) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Le Quoc Huan

Our CSR activities up to now
  1. Strengthen education on workplace safety and health knowledge. Enroll the company's executives in labor, safety and health curriculums hosted by the local labor bureau, and fire-fighting drills and educational activities.
  2. Continue to improve the quality of our products and strive to create superior products that can meet customer needs.
  3. Save resources, use goods and materials in a rational and effective way, and strive to reduce and segregate waste.
  4. Conduct regular factory audits.
  5. Foster energy-saving awareness among employees in order to use energy, such as electricity and water, in a rational and effective way.
  6. Join an activity for providing scholarships to poor students living in a coast district.
  7. Provide an annual health check-up to all employees.
  8. Organize a company trip, hold an enjoyable luncheon at the end of each month, and offer gifts to employees on public holidays such as Harvest Moon Day and Women's Day. Host a year-end lottery event.
Future targets and efforts relating to CSR
  1. Ensure a healthy and safe workplace environment and strive to prevent environmental pollution, and make company rules pursuant to labor laws.
  2. Strengthen our internal control and lay out appropriate company policies to establish a healthy workplace environment.
  3. Foster a sense of social responsibility among employees so that they can exhibit pro-environmental behavior in public places and become attentive to others.