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CSR procurement is an increasingly accepted practice worldwide. Endorsing and ensuring CSR procurement helps companies avoid social risks and gain more opportunities to acquire new customers. The Brother Group is proud to do business with suppliers who uphold this notion and commit themselves to prosperity with us based on mutual trust. We have received much feedback from these suppliers.

Comments from suppliers

Mr. Tran Quoc Khanh

Promoting CSR activities for employees such as workplace improvement

SIK Vietnam Co., Ltd
Mr. Tran Quoc Khanh

Our CSR activities up to now

The CSR activities at SIK Vietnam Co., Ltd are always committed towards the employees, and we always improve the quality of the working environment and the surrounding environment. Through innovative activities, we have activities such as: To use led lamp reduce energy, to plant trees to reduce CO2, to improve the quality of meals, to equip with adequate labor protection equipment, to have regular health check-ups. We also have social activities such as charitable activities, annual tourism for workers, support for workers in difficult circumstances.

Future targets and efforts relating to CSR

We always cooperate with customers and share CSR activities, our goal in the coming time is to improve the working environment, comply with the environmental laws

Ms. Mary Rose Cruz

Aiming to build a better society by conducting CSR activities continuously

Bigmate Philippines Inc.
Ms. Mary Rose Cruz

Our CSR activities up to now

From the year theme "Expand Advantage, Improve Disadvantage", Bigmate Philippines Incorporated continuing the improvements and effectiveness of CSR activities to build a better society.

  1. Conduct orientation/awareness every month for environment, health and safety related course to all employees.
  2. Support and actively join industrial park activities such as Association of First Philippine Industrial Park Locators, Inc. -Fun Run, River Clean up, Tree Planting, Fire Prevention Motorcade and any activities related to safety, health and environment.
  3. Provide program like Blood Donation Drive to save precious lives through blood donations.
  4. Recognize the contribution of the employees to the successful operation of the Company by providing them additional benefit.
  5. Organize Company Event like company outing, Christmas Party to provide relaxation, enjoyment and to promote camaraderie to each employees.
  6. Promote healthy and safe work place by weekly monitoring of employees working condition.
Future targets and efforts relating to CSR
  1. Promote Fitness Program.
  2. To have more volunteers for CSR activities that the company joining in.
  3. To expand every individual knowledge about CSR.
  4. To continue improving our CSR activities every year.

Mr. PuHengguang

Growing with the motto of being earth conscious

Minebea Electronics Motor(Zhuhai)Co.,Ltd.
Mr. PuHengguang

Our CSR activities up to now
  1. Donate daily goods and fruit to a nursing home and a child welfare institution in Zhuhai when seasonal events, such as Chinese New Year celebrations and harvest moon festivals, take place
  2. Make blood donations
  3. Conduct a donation activity for employees suffering from serious disease
  4. Raise money to support earthquake-affected areas
  5. Actively participate in volunteer activities (We, for example, provided services to passengers in a station during Chinese New Year holidays, offered volunteer services when the Zhuhai International Marathon took place, and planted trees.)
Future targets and efforts relating to CSR
  1. Continue the CSR activities which we have conducted until now
  2. Ensure that we execute the company's management philosophy and grow with the motto of being earth conscious

Ms. Yu Xiao Qin

Creating a company where employees feel a sense of belonging

Sunway Plastic & Electronic (Hongkong) Co., Ltd
Ms. Yu Xiao Qin

Our CSR activities up to now
  1. Hold events, such as a trip and a BBQ, for all employees every three months or every six months to increase our cohesiveness as a team
  2. Celebrate employees' birthdays every month
  3. Organize a knowledge competition, such as a safety knowledge contest
  4. Provide a variety of culture, sports, and leisure events, such as a basketball tournament, a badminton tournament, and book rental service
  5. Present umbrellas and movie tickets and other gifts to employees on March 8, International Women's Day, every year
  6. Give employees gifts, such as mooncakes and cakes wrapped in bamboo leaves, on the Harvest Moon Festival day and the Boys' day
  7. Conduct an annual employee health check-up
  8. Make donations to employees and their family members when they suffer from serious diseases
  9. Give consideration to new employees and those who have worked for the company for long years
Future targets and efforts relating to CSR
  1. Aim to create a company where employees feel a sense of belonging
  2. Build a sustainable, well-organized communication structure

Mr. Tamotsu Watanabe

Contributing to economic development by enhancing the quality of life of employees and their family members

Kuroda Kagaku Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Mr. Tamotsu Watanabe

Our CSR activities up to now

We deeply understand that CSR is not only donation activities to society and the community but also the continuing commitment by business to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families. Moreover, CSR works towards benefiting the local community at large, which in turn is helping improve our planet.
Our CSR activities have become better in the recent years. We implement donation activities to society every year, and also try to improve working conditions towards positive workplace environment, follow up labor regulations, reduce complaints from customers, create products friendly with the environment, ensure labor safety and so on.

Future targets and efforts relating to CSR

We will motivate our CSR activities more and more by bringing CSR inside the company: We look for ways to help employees grow not only in the community but also inside the company.
We will continue to invest more in training, tuition, and any costs associated with their skill development. Our employees can feel it, and so will our suppliers, partners, and customers.
We also share CSR activities with everyone through social media, newsletters, media coverage, and face-to-face interactions.
We develop and expand CSR activities involving suppliers and contractors.
We communicate with employees, commit to listening to our employees and allowing time for feedback. We make them feel like they are a part of a team, and use rewards to stimulate innovation.

Mr. Zi Jian Lai

Continuing our existing CSR activities

Taisei Hong Kong Limited./Taisei Electronics(Shen Zhen)Co.,Ltd.
Mr. Zi Jian Lai

Our CSR activities up to now
  1. Have a monthly birthday party for employees whose birthdays fall in that month and give them gifts
  2. Plan and implement an annual company trip at company expense
  3. Hold a year-end party and enjoy dinner, entertainments and drawings
  4. Provide excellent employees with financial incentives every month and also give all employees annual incentives at the end of every year
  5. Conduct regular health checkups for employees, and request government institutions to measure employees' working environment and conduct audits
  6. Make donations for community greening and road building and also support employees suffering from serious illness through donations from the company and employees
Future targets and efforts relating to CSR
  1. Continue to conduct our existing CSR activities
  2. Establish a labor and personnel dispute arbitration committee to improve our structure to communicate with employees

Mr. Masao Yagi

Aiming to become an enterprise that can respond to various social needs and contribute to society

Mr. Masao Yagi

Our CSR activities up to now
  1. Compliance
    Implement workforce training by using a compliance guide
  2. Prevention of global warming
    Promote designing and marketing activities based on the concept of using buffers made of recycled paper and reducing the volume of materials
  3. Job satisfaction of employees
    Organize company trips with employees and their family members and promote women to management positions based on our assessment system
Future targets and efforts relating to CSR

Our management philosophy is "Through packaging to meet the needs of the community. Our goal is to become a useful enterprise in the community." Under this philosophy, we promote the use of recycled materials and reduction in material volume by leveraging our strength in packaging design and thereby contribute to global environment conservation. We also give first priority to compliance and operate business based on our internal control system.

Mr. Hideo Mori

Promoting activities for safety, corporate governance, and human rights

Dong Guan Shin-Etsu Polymer Co.,Ltd.
Mr. Hideo Mori

Our CSR activities up to now

The Shin-Etsu Polymer Group has been engaged in CSR activities in its respective facilities, focusing on ensuring safety first, enhancing corporate governance, and respecting human rights.
In our Chinese factories, we have been improving our operations by continuously conducting activities for preventing near-miss incidents and predicting hazards. We also provide new employees with hazard prediction training in addition to conventional safety training in order to raise their safety awareness.

Future targets and efforts relating to CSR

In the Shin-Etsu Polymer Group, we consolidate customer CSR surveys, an environmental quality system, risk management surveys, and others into our global environmental communication system. We consider it important to share our activities and continue to conduct CSR education initiatives in all of our facilities, including overseas offices and subsidiaries.