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Brother Earth logo and slogan
Brother Earth logo and slogan

The Brother Group's relationship with stakeholders is defined in "3. Stakeholders" of the Basic Policies in the Brother Group Global Charter  published in 1999. All Group companies and all our employees base their decisions and actions on the Charter. Six types of stakeholders are specified in the Basic Policies: "Customers," "Our Associates," "Business Partners," "Shareholders," "Local Community," and "The Environment." Notably, "The Environment" affects all aspects of our business operations. Thus, the Brother Group endeavors to enhance its engagement in environmental conservation in order to fulfill mutually acceptable social responsibility with the five other stakeholders.

Under the environmental slogan "Brother Earth" formulated in 2010, the Brother Group has been accelerating these activities based on the unified message of "Working with you for a better environment."

Stakeholders Examples of engagement in environmental conservation
Our Associates
  • Disseminate environmental information and ensure interactive communication on the intranet
  • Encourage employees to work on environmental conservation and contribute to local communities
Business partners
  • Hold dialogues and build partnerships through green procurement activities
  • Hold dialogues and promote collaboration by calculating Scope 3 and reducing GHG emissions
  • Disseminate environmental information through shareholder newsletters (Brother Industries, Ltd.)
  • Introduce environmental activities and hold dialogues with shareholders at communication meetings (Brother Industries, Ltd.)
Local community
  • Clean up areas around facilities, beaches, etc.
  • Promote activities to conserve biodiversity in collaboration with communities

Promote and upgrade Brother's special website on the environment (

 Brother's special website on the environment (  was launched to publicize Brother's environmental vision and efforts, and environmental technologies.

"Environmental Views" presents videos about environmental conservation activities on which Brother has been working with many stakeholders in different parts of the world. "Eco-conscious products" aims to introduce the designers' commitment to the product development.

The website also explains the environmental performance of Brother's main products, hosts Click for the Earth  (an environmental conservation activity which enables visitors to donate with a single click), and provides information about events based on the theme of the environment, in particular.

Brother's official Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube SNS accounts are also utilized to disseminate information.

In FY2016 (April 1, 2016-March 31, 2017), two videos were posted on the website: " High Tatras mountains: the reforestation project in Slovakia ," by Brother Industries (Slovakia) s.r.o. in collaboration with a local NPO, and " Toner Cartridges Recycle ," which introduces the toner cartridges recycle program in Europe. THE ZOO OF EXTINCT ANIMALS x Brother Earth content, which introduces the "ZOO OF EXTINCT ANIMALS" project promoted by Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, was also posted. The reforestation activity in Slovakia was newly added to  Click for the Earth .