FY2016 Highlights

"Brother Earth" - Working with you for a better environment

"Brother Earth" - Working with you for a better environment

Under the "Brother Earth" logo and slogan (formulated in 2010) which symbolize our environmental activities and promise to help society achieve sustainable development, by positively and continuously considering the environmental impact of all aspects of our business operations, each Brother Group employee is further committed to participating in various activities based on the unified message of "Working with you for a better environment" in cooperation with Brother's customers and other stakeholders.

Brother Group Environmental Action Plan 2018 (2016-2018) and main achievements in FY2016

1. Create eco-conscious products

To further enhance commitment to developing eco-conscious products, the Brother Group has been working on top-class eco-conscious designs in respective product categories by actively acquiring environmental labels in respective countries and meeting new standards, etc. Based on top-class eco-conscious designs, the Brother Group has been working to reduce the carbon footprints of products in order to reduce the environmental impact of products through their entire life cycle.

For the product portfolio in the communications and printing equipment field

1.To attain the highest environmental performance

Create eco-conscious productsCreate eco-conscious productsCreate eco-conscious productsCreate eco-conscious products

Ensured compliance with Blue Angel*1 for all new models released, and started registration for EPEAT*2

2.To reduce the carbon footprint of products

Ensured compliance with the International ENERGY STAR Program for all new models released, and continued information disclosure based on EcoLeaf*3

  • *1: A Type I eco-label in Germany which is considered to be the most rigorous in the world
  • *2: An environmental rating in the U.S. based on the full product lifecycle
  • *3: An eco-label to indicate the environmental impact of products with quantifiable data using life cycle assessment (LCA)

2. Cut CO2 emissions from the group as a three-year target toward achieving the mid-term targets by FY2020 (April 1, 2020-March 31, 2021)

Since FY2013 (April 1, 2013-March 31, 2014), the scope of activities to cut CO2 emissions has been expanded on a group basis. Furthermore, the Brother Group has taken on a challenge to calculate and reduce CO2 emissions from the entire product supply chain, in addition to CO2 emissions from its operations. To verify the calculation results, the Brother Group is subject to verification of compliance with the international standards (ISO14064-1 requirements) established by a third party organization, in an effort to acquire an assurance statement for the accuracy of data.

Statement for verification by a third party organization

Statement for verification by a third party organization
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The Brother Group obtained an LRQA  assurance statement for calculation and disclosure of GHG emissions.

Compared with the target of 3% reduction from FY2015 levels by FY2018 in Scopes 1 and 2 for the entire Brother Group

Reduced CO2 emissions by 7.4% from FY2015 levels*

  • *:   Target and achievement per unit of sales

At eight business sites in Japan

Compared with the target of 28% reduction from FY1990 levels by FY2018
Reduced CO2 emissions by 28.4% from FY1990 levels*

  • *:   Target and achievement in absolute values

3. Maintain regulatory compliance for all product categories

In addition to complying with laws and regulations in respective countries and regions, including the REACH Regulation and RoHS Directive, the Brother Group operates an environmental information system (an IT system for investigating and managing certain chemical substances contained in purchased parts) and audits suppliers from which parts and materials are purchased. Thus, Brother has a group-wide chemical substances assurance system.

Green Procurement Standards

In promoting activities to reduce the environmental impact in upstream operations

Defined measures to cope with phthalate esters*
Reflected them in the Green Procurement Standards, established measurement methods, and formulated a plan to introduce measuring instruments at respective manufacturing facilities

  • *:   Newly added chemical substances to be banned under the EU RoHS Directive from July 2019

4. Support activities for continuous improvement under our philosophy of "Brother Earth"

The Brother Group helps raise awareness to consider its environmental impact under the "Brother Earth" slogan.  Brother's special website on the environment (  presents "Eco Technology" and "Eco-conscious Products" that explain employees' commitment to eco-conscious product development, as well as the Brother Group's environmental conservation activities, etc. The Brother Group actively works on environmental conservation and other activities to contribute to communities in collaboration and cooperation with many stakeholders through interactive communication including "Click for the Earth" in the special website and events with environmental themes.

On Brother's special website on the environment (

1.Introduced the Brother Group's environmental activities and environmental conservation activities in collaboration with stakeholders

THE ZOO OF EXTINCT ANIMALS x Brother Earth - The stories we don't know -
THE ZOO OF EXTINCT ANIMALS x Brother Earth - The stories we don't know -

2.Attracted more than 800,000 clicks (one yen donated by Brother for each click) in Click for the Earth

In environmental activities

Won the Good Performance Prize in the Environmental Report Section of the 20th Environmental Communication Awards

5. Support biodiversity conservation in total Brother group under the COP10 Aichi Biodiversity Targets

As a global company headquartered in the venue of COP10, the Brother Group considers the Aichi Biodiversity Targets (by 2020) as high-priority targets. Respective facilities have been working on biodiversity conservation activities with regional characteristics taken into consideration. The Brother Group endeavors to provide employees with education about biodiversity conservation to help prevent destruction of habitats and recover ecosystem services that are essential for the survival of humankind. Activities will be further promoted to exterminate and prevent the invasion of invasive alien species and conserve the habitats of rare species, etc.

To meet the Aichi Biodiversity Targets

Continuously promoted biodiversity conservation  efforts which are closely related to the electrical and electronic industries (e.g., promote dissemination and raise awareness, conserve protected areas) and are expected to make significant contributions through our commitment

Mid-term Environmental Action Plan (Targets and Achievements)