Global Brother Environmental Activities


Environmental Activities

March 8, 2016
"Brother Industries, Ltd. wins the Good Performance Prize in the Environmental Report Section of the19th Environmental Communication Awards" has been added.
March 8, 2016
"Taiwan Brother Industries, Ltd. wins the Excellence Prize in the Corporate Section of the Carbon Reduction Action Awards for FY2015" has been added.
February 26, 2016
"Environmental Management Dept., Brother Industries, Ltd. wins Life Cycle Assessment Society of Japan (JLCA) Incentive Award at the 12th JLCA Commendation Ceremony" has been added.

"Environmental Activities"
Highlights of FY2014:

Highlights of the Brother Group's environmental activity report

"Environmental Activities" Highlights in FY2014 Brother's special website on the environment

Latest green technologies and improvements in production processes, etc. Brother's special website on the environment

Corporate Environmental Strategy and Management

Fundamental belief

Fundamental belief

The Brother Group philosophy is to continuously act to decrease the environmental impact of all aspects of its business operations so as to positively affect society in the achievement of sustainable development.

Brother Group's Environmental Strategy

Creating Eco-conscious Products

Brother manufacturing

Brother manufacturing

The Brother Group is committed to enhancing efforts to reduce environmental impacts at all stages of the life cycles of its products.

Environmental Considerations within Product Life Cycles

Complying with Laws, Regulations and Social Trends

Complying with increasing legal and regulatory restrictions

Complying with increasing legal and regulatory restrictions

As a global company with operations in many countries and regions, the Brother Group ensures compliance with increasing environmental laws and regulations in full collaboration with the supply chain.

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations on Products

Reducing Environmental Impact

Communicating Environmental Commitment

Working with you to create a better environment

Working with you to create a better environment

Each and every one of us aims to achieve a sustainable society with high levels of environmental awareness.

Brother Eco Point Program

Performance Data