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German International Design Award
Brother won "iF Communication Design Award 2010"

June 9, 2010

Brother Industries, Ltd.

Brother Industries, Ltd. (President, Toshikazu Koike) has won a German International award "iF Communication Design Award 2010" (hereinafter iF communication design award) on the control panel designed for "Innov-is I". It is Brother's high-end sewing machines with embroidery capabilities.

The iF communication design award is hosted and judged by the iF-International Forum Design Hannover in Germany. This is one of the most authorized international design competitions which select the best graphic and user interface designs.
Brother already received "iF Product Design Award" on its products such as "Innov-is I", for its exterior appearance. However, this is the first time for Brother to win "iF communication design award" which competes in design of user interface.

Brother thinks it is very important to refine design of user interface as well as product's exterior appearance in order to give customers excellent values.
Brother will participate actively in internationally authorized design award competitions such as iF design award, and continue to strive improving design and usability for customer.

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Innov-isI's control panel
Innov-isI's control panel
Design key points
Control keys and guidance are arranged at the position which is easy to see for users. Brother sewing machine's feature "user friendliness" is emphasized in its design. Brother tried various measures in its design to make users feel best quality on this model, including operation sounds and high quality graphic.
Product's main features
Innov-is I is the high-end sewing machines with embroidery capabilities sold mainly in Europe, the US and the other countries. To improve user friendliness for sewing enthusiasts, a build-in camera is embedded above a sewing needle and an 8.5 wide inch large LCD touch panel is provided. Users can obtain high quality creations in 4 concepts; sewing, embroidery, quilting and craft with its advanced technology, quality and performance.