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News Release 2010

Brother Starts In-House Manufacturing of Machine Tools in China

July 29, 2010

Brother Industries, Ltd.

Brother Industries Ltd. ,(President: Toshikazu Koike, Head Office: Nagoya) will start manufacturing its own machine tools "CNC Tapping Center" at Brother Machinery Xian Co., Ltd., the 100% subsidiaries of Brother Industries Ltd. for Chinese market. Manufacturing will be started in September.

Background and purposes

Demand of machine tools in Chinese market is expected to further expand. Under such conditions, the Brother Group will start manufacturing its products locally to quickly respond expanding local needs; meanwhile it will reinforce the production system.

How to proceed in the future

Although the Brother Group is currently manufacturing the machine tools mainly at Kariya factory (located in Kariya city in Aichi, Japan), Brother Machinery Xian Co., Ltd. will join to manufacture the machine tools to quickly respond to the demands in the Chinese market.
This will further reinforce the Brother Group's production system and help to meet the growing demands in the market.

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No20 Gao Xin Road 3 Development Zone of Hi-Tech Industries, Xian, Shaanxi, China
Tsuyoshi Miyazawa
(Executive vice president, Machinery & Solution Company, Brother Industries, Ltd.)