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Actively spreading innerwear culture, by integrating Chinese elements into modern fashion

Beijing Aimer Lingerie Co., Ltd.


Beijing Aimer Lingerie Co., Ltd. is an all-round manufacturer of innerwear. They are drawing attention with their dominant business performance in the competitive innerwear industry with their original brand management.

Aimer has twelve years' history of innerwear production. Its headquarter is in Beijing Wangjin Economic Technological Development Area and they have two production sites, in Beijing and in Suzhou. The number of employees is about 2000.

At present, they have four product lines by consumer category: "Aimer" (general underwear), "Mr. Aimer" (underwear and pajamas for men), "LA Clover" (ladies' luxury lingerie), "imis" (underwear for teens). These lines are managed with a division system and each of them has the functions of planning, designing and sales independently. They have about 300 shops in high-class department stores around the country and are planning to increase "LA Clover" shops from the current 55 to 70.

Their production amount in 2005 was 4.7 million sets for domestic market and 1.2 million sets for export. The annual sales was 400 million RMB (approx. US$51 million) for domestic market and US$4 million for export. Their products are recognized and favored by many consumers and are regarded as one of the most prestigious underclothes brands in China.

A leader in the industry

Aimer, as a major all-round manufacturer of innerwear in China, has many competent designers the company has raised. Designs of innerwear are complex and it requires high accuracy for pattern measurements. Also, sewing skills greatly affect the appearance and quality of products. Knowing this, they produce the products under the instruction of veteran technicians.

The designers of Aimer fuse Chinese elements such as cloisonné work, ceramic ware and traditional embroidery into their products, while applying design techniques that are popular in Europe. They also offer derived products combining oriental traditional culture and fashions of the times and giving the practicality and fashionability that fit the body shapes of Chinese women.

While "Looking ahead one year" is the cardinal rule in fashion design, the designers of Aimer always target two years' ahead. They challenge the market, and at the same time, themselves.

Technique of the specialized manufacturer  Technique of the specialized manufacturer

Superior production management system

Under the guidance of Mr. Xu Xue Fen, Assistant General Manager of Aimer, we visited the sample room, the show room and the sewing factory of the company. The strict management system and most-advanced sewing facilities presented the evidence of their ability.

Mr. Xu said, "Our company is certified according to ISO9000. It is important to link it with our overall actual operation in the future."

"We started the export of OEM products in 2003 and the production amount has substantially been increasing every year. Exports to Europe and the U.S. are often limited by the quota restrictions (export ceiling), however, we've been increasing the sales without being much affected by the restrictions because our exporting products are high-price."

"In 2005, we temporarily had an increase of stock, exceeding the demand, however, we promptly dealt with it by adjusting the production amount to the sales volume. The continuing efforts to balance the demand and production is the most important for surviving in the market."

He mentioned with a laugh.

Appreciating Brother products

In talking about the importance of sewing facilities for product quality, Mr. Xu frankly mentioned, "In a decade, detailed functions of sewing machines have been changed in small portions, while basic functions remained unchanged. These changes have directly affected to the quality of products. All of us, from the top brass to operators, appreciate the effects that direct-drive machines and complete-dry machines of Brother have brought, for example. The relationship between garment factories and sewing machine manufacturers has been more and more inseparable."

"What we expect from Brother is, firstly to give production management seminars regularly at our factories in Beijing and Suzhou, and next, to provide the latest technical information and broad-ranging information on the industry, and to give explanations about the importance of technical improvement for the productivity and quality progress of each production process."

His remark was compelling.

In September 2005, Aimer, as a brand leader in mainland China, made the second participation to an international innerwear exhibition held in Lyon. This exhibition has great influence in innerwear industry globally and Aimer demonstrated their strong capability of their original brand management, product development and manufacturing in front of the people in the business from across the globe and received attentions from the organizer and visitors of the exhibition.

Especially, the original Chinese-taste design of Aimer products attracted many foreign designers. Aimer took a step forward for their international business through this exhibition. This will promote Aimer's growth, expanding to overseas as a famous Chinese brand and becoming one of the most prestigious global brands of innerwear.

Aimer will continue to realize their Asian dream and have even more glorious future.



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Brother has established its original "Brother Green Label" for the products, in conformity with ISO 14021 and JIS Q14021.
The use of the restricted substances such as lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium is absolutely within the regulation values. Brother has been providing all its products in accordance with the RoHS* Directive for all market areas(excluding machine tools).

* The RoHS Directive(the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) came into effect in the EU in July 2006.

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