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Increase the business influence in the market with the superiority of the own brand

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China Chaojie Garment Co., Ltd. is one of the few apparel manufacturers in China that produce their own brand products only. They have contributed to further progress of the Chinese sewing industry as a successful model with exporting sportswear with their own brand "Gefeng" to Russia and Middle East.

In the Chinese apparel industry today, a high emphasis is placed on the development and strategy of own brands. Increasing the influence of an own brand in the market is an important strategy for the progress of companies. Chaojie Garment took a step into the brand business first in the industry and has been exporting their own brand products to Russia and Middle East, increasing the sales every year.

Chaojie Garment decided that they would not be able to survive by simply processing on commission, earning only small processing charge. They were early to spot the regions such as Russia whose light industry was less developed, and succeeded in entering into these markets in accordance with the development of the Chinese apparel manufacturing industry. "Gefeng" brand is high-profile in these markets, receiving a high reputation after world-top brands such as Nike.

Their present main market is Russia and Middle East. They had had dealers between them and customers in their sales channel, which made them lose most of their profit, but through several years' efforts, they have established a system of complete direct selling. Their own brand products have been making increasing profits year after year.

Focusing on the promotion of brand strategy  Focusing on the promotion of brand strategy

In the past, the Russian market had a period in which selling-cheap business was widespread. However, Chaojie Garment valued quality improvement and continued to spread their brand in the market for a long term. "We had been able to meet only a part of requests from our customers. But now, we can manufacture products up to the samples provided by customers in make-to-order," Mr. Ge Feng, General Manager of Chaojie Garment explained.

Chaojie Garment has many employees who have specialized production engineering skills and management experience to ensure their quality, providing these employees with high salaries and welfare. They also offer substantial wage raise for their employees every year. This policy requires high cost, but the executives of the company fully understand its necessity, to attain the quality that is vital for surviving in tough competition in the apparel industry. Through the great jobs performed by these competent staff in the production sites, the significant progress of Chaojie Garment and the image enhancement of "Gefeng" have been realized.

Valuing quality improvement

As a measure for the high cost for the policy of employing competent staff, Chaojie Garment has improved their quality and productivity by raising their production management level and introducing Brother's most-advanced sewing machines, and it has successfully increased their profit. To the question why they chose Brother's machines, Mr. Ge Feng frankly answered, "We were fascinated by the cost performance of Brother products. The apparel industry is labor-intensive and the productivity there is easily affected by the quality of workers. To secure many competent employees, we need to offer high salaries and welfare, and its cost has increased by 20%."

"Brother's machines quickly respond to the operations by operators and can meet complex works, allowing the improvement of the sewing quality. With the adoption of Brother machines, the production efficiency has been increased by 8%. Having the most-advanced machines also facilitates our acquisition of competent staff."

The comfortable environment to work supports the production management much. The earning rate of entire Chaojie Garment has increased by 18% compared to before. The sewing equipment has had a great effect on their quality and productivity.

Productivity improvement by introducing the latest equipment

Chaojie Garment has a site of 33,000 square meters, fixed assets in the amount of RMB150 million (approx. USD 20 million), about 800 employees, and about 700 units of various sewing equipment, producing 15,000 pieces per day. They are an outstanding big factory in Yiwu, Pu Jiang area, and besides, their new factory of 30,000 square meters will be added this year.

"The new factory is made of superior materials to the paint on its exterior, to attain an advanced international level of factories. The most important thing for us is to be the top among the apparel manufacturers in Yiwu area, by introducing the latest sewing equipment in large numbers," said Mr. Ge Feng.

Chaojie Garment has ensured their corporate philosophy "Create the brand with quality. Pursue the growth with improvements." They are going to further strengthen "Gefeng" brand and focus on expanding their business to Europe and the U.S. Increasing added value of products and business competitiveness, by accelerating own brand development and enhancing the influence of the brand in the market, is already the challenge and strategy, not only of Chaojie Garment, but also in common in the Chinese apparel industry.

Endeavor for increasing business competitiveness  Endeavor for increasing business competitiveness




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