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Creating an original corporate culture, promoting the increase of company profit

Pinghu Huacheng Yigelu Fashion Co., Ltd.


Located in Pinghu City that is called a town of apparel, Pinghu Huacheng Yigelu Fashion Co., Ltd. has been facing severe competition in the area. The company has made efforts to build its original corporate culture and continued stable growth, while valuing product quality.

Pinghu Huacheng Yigelu Fashion Co., Ltd. is a main company of Huacheng Group (a multimarket group established in Zhejiang Province in 1990). It has about 850 employees and 20 latest production lines in their factory covering about 10,000 square meters. They have cutting-edge electronic sewing machines and inspection facilities and their annual production amounts to three million pieces.

Yigelu Fashion mainly manufactures clothes of famous brands of Japan, the U.S., and Europe. Lately, affected by appreciated renminbi (Chinese yuan) and rising labor cost, many brand companies are considering shifting their production bases to other developing countries from China. Ms. Shen Yuewei, a female general manager of Yigelu Fashion, has an independent view on this situation. “China is still dominant in clothing fabrics and indirect materials for apparel manufacturing. Our employees are diligent and firmly keep the quality and delivery date of products. Customers always value quality. No matter how much production is moved to other areas, if quality cannot be assured, customers will eventually come back to China-made clothes,” she remarked.

The company has implemented various measures for keeping up with the changing situations. “We have established a total quality management system to provide quality products to customers. Owing to this, we now receive increasing orders from new customers, which makes up the decrease in sales and make the company’s growth rate stable”, Ms. Shen said.

Total quality management system

Yigelu Fashion has continued the grope and creation of its corporate culture and invested great energy for the prosperity of the company for many years since its establishment.

The main part of the company is employees, and thus ultimately the improvement of the quality of employees is essential for building a corporate culture. Yigelu Fashion puts much importance on education and training of employees. They invite business management teachers from Shanghai Jiao Tong University to give seminars three days a year for middle-level managers and provide one-day basic training for rank-and-file employees. “I’m no exception. I attend seminars several times a month”, Ms. Shen said with a smile.

Employees create the wealth of a company. Yigelu Fashion treats its employees equally with its philosophy ‘Good faith and trust’, which improves the motivation of the employees. The sound system and employee-oriented management of the company have enabled all the company members to work pleasantly. The company is working to provide basic insurance to all the employees based on the country’s regulation. They also have a system of providing meals to employees and have a dormitory for employees from remote areas for improving the living of employees.

These measures work well for the stable employment of the company. While many companies have difficulty in securing manpower, Yigelu Fashion hardly has manpower shortage. “Although labor cost is rising further at present, stable employment is essential for company development even if it requires additional cost”, Ms. Shen said with confidence.

Building the original corporate culture

Yigelu Fashion built their corporate culture and verified that it promoted the development of the company on their own, achieving a successful outcome. Huacheng Group, the holding company of Yigelu Fashion, received some awards including those for an “advanced township enterprise of export earning foreign exchange” and “top 100 enterprises of China apparel industry” from the Chinese government. The group has increased its financial power and is now one of the industry leading companies in the area.

Although the Chinese apparel manufacturing industry has experienced economic slowdown this year due to various factors, Ms. Shen is full of confidence as before. “I’m still optimistic about the future of the apparel manufacturing industry. Clothes are the product made by human work. If a company can manufacture high-quality products, the company will certainly survive and develop. The key is a vision for the development.”

Yigelu Fashion is now building a new factory covering about 20,000 square meters in Pinghu Economic Development Zone. With the completion of the factory at the end of this year, they are planning to increase the number of employees to 1300 and the target production volume from RMB60 million of this year to RMB100 million for next year. With the expansion of the production scale, they are now trying to increase the company’s overall competitiveness by implementing a site management system with ’5S’.

Ms. Shen highly evaluates Brother as “the most faithful partner with more than 10 years relationship with us”. “Brother’s service is first-rate. Their technical staff come to us soon after our call, regardless of how serious the trouble is, and solve problems quickly. So we never purchase sewing machines of the same types as those Brother has in its lineup from other manufacturers.” The automation of sewing machines is currently leading to new development of sewing facilities. Brother has introduced a series of automatic sewing machines offering high productivity and manpower saving to the market in recent years. “These machines have certainly improved the productivity of sewing factories to a large extent. When I visited sewing factories in Malaysia, I found the high levels of automatic sewing machines. With the use of attachments in creative ways, the production with really high productivity and quality combined was materialized there,” Ms. Shen said.

Apparel products are becoming more complex to manufacture and demands on the manufacturing sites are getting tougher. Brother will continue to offer cutting-edge sewing machines with high technology and added value to meet demands from apparel manufacturers.

Automation of sewing machines leading to the development of sewing facilities



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