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Electronic Direct Drive Lockstitch Button Holer

Comfortable sewing and high energy saving have been realized with a new original motor and control box developed in-house.

Equipped with the new hook, it prevents sewing troubles such as thread breakages and insufficient thread tightening.
It realizes stitches even if with low tension, providing a quality finish for purl stitch and whip stitch.

Minimum resolution of needle zigzag is fined to 0.05mm, preventing the fuzz caused by the cutter. It's capable of various fine sewing patterns as well.

High energy saving's has been realized by direct drive system, which keeps the power transmission loss of the motor to a
minimum with an original motor developed by Brother.
The power consumption of the machine is approximately 50% less than that of the previous model HE-800A.
This is industry’s top-class energy saving and environment-conscious machine.

The HE-800B is equipped with a liquid crystal display (LCD) and indicates display items with icons and letters. Setting and check of sewing patterns and change of sewing modes are easy to understand and carry out. It supports multilinguality as display language.

SD card slot

SD card slot is equipped as standard. Sewing pattern and environmental setting can easily be copied and moved to other sewing machines.

Shortcut key

Frequently-used settings such as sewing width and size of sewing patterns can be set quickly.

Production counter

It can count how many articles are sewn up to 9,999,999.

Lower thread counter

You can easily see the amount of lower thread available.

Mode key

Useful mode such as threading mode and thread winding mode can be set with one-touch key operation.

High productivity has been realized with direct drive system which minimizes the power transmission loss of the motor.

With underlay functionality, it is effective for stretch materials to prevent them from stretching.

V-belt sound has been deleted by direct drive system. Less noise and comfortable environment help reduce stress and fatigue of operators who have to sit in front of the machines for long hours.

Pulley cover is newly added considering the safety and efficiency of maintenance.



Brother has established its original "Brother Green Label" for the products, in conformity with ISO 14021 and JIS Q14021.
The use of the restricted substances such as lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium is absolutely within the regulation values. Brother has been providing all its products in accordance with the RoHS* Directive for all market areas(excluding machine tools).

* The RoHS Directive(the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) came into effect in the EU in July 2006.

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