News Release 2017

Accumulated Production of Home Sewing Machines has reached 60 Million Units

March 23, 2017

Brother Industries, Ltd.

Brother Industries, Ltd. (President: Toshikazu Koike) has achieved total accumulated production of 60 million home sewing machines at its three production bases in Taiwan, China and Vietnam as of March 2017.

Our home sewing machine production began in 1932 when we succeeded in mass-production of our first home sewing machine, the "Type 15 Model 70", at the Tenma-Cho Factory. Since then, we have been providing products and services all over the world as a leading manufacturer in the home sewing machine industry. Recently, we have delivered new value in our sewing machines, including large color LCD touch displays and an industry-first function that offers laser guidance for sewing and supports fabric feeding. We believe that this achievement of accumulated production of 60 million units is the result of our untiring efforts in development, the patronage of our longtime customers, and the efforts of our sales partners.

Going forward, as we strive to supply products that satisfy our customers, we will continue growing sales and focusing on product development to invigorate the home sewing machine market and reach production of 70 million units.

Transition of home sewing machine production


Succeeded in mass-production of home sewing machines.


Taiwan Brother Industries, Ltd. began production of home sewing machines.


Zhuhai Brother Industries, Co., Ltd. began production of home sewing machines.


Terminated production of home sewing machines in Japan.


Brother Industries Saigon, Ltd. began production of home sewing machines.


Reached production of 60 million home sewing machines.

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