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Labelling SDK (b-PAC)

Operation overview

b-PAC SDK development process


Create the label design

  1. Create the layout(a template) of your label in the P-touch Editor label design software.
  2. Include images, barcodes, frames, text in various fonts and sizes etc.
  3. The label size and name of the P-touch printer are stored in this file, so b-PAC knows where to print the label.
  4. Save this template to disk for use by b-PAC.

Create the label design


Add the b-PAC code

Insert the required b-PAC commands into your software application.

This code enables b-PAC to open the label, and then inform b-PAC what information needs to go onto the label.

Only a few simple commands are needed to pass the information to b-PAC.

Add the b-PAC code


How it Works

Once b-PAC received the command to print, it replaces each object on the label with the required data(text, barcodes, images etc.).

The final label design is then sent to the brother label printer driver.

The printer driver makes the required GDI graphic data, and sends this to the brother label printer, whereby the label prints.

How it Works

  • *:   b-PAC(Brother P-touch Application Component.)
  • *:   SDK(Software Development Kit.)