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Labelling SDK (b-PAC)


The versions vary by OS and label printer.

Programming Languages

The b-PAC component is implemented as a COM automation server. If an application that handles a COM automation server is used, then this will be compatible with b-PAC. Examples are:

  • Visual Basic®
  • Visual Basic® .NET
  • Visual C++®
  • VBA (Excel® and Access®)
  • VB Script

Compatible Brother printer models.

The recommended Brother printer models for b-PAC are the PT-9700PC, PT-9800PCN, TD-4000 and TD-4100N as they offer the highest print resolution, tape widths, print speed, print height and automatic tape cutter. However, b-PAC can also be used with other PC connectable models such as:

 Label Printer specifications and development tools map [PDF/36KB]

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