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Labelling SDK (b-PAC)

Sample Projects

Contained within the b-PAC download are some sample projects demonstrating it’s use with:

  • Microsoft® Visual Basic®
  • Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET
  • Microsoft® Visual C++®
  • Microsoft® VBA (Visual Basic® for Applications - e.g. Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel)
  • Microsoft® VBS (Visual Basic® Script)
  • DOS Shell (Command prompt under Windows®)

Nameplate example

The following sample demonstrates the use of b-PAC to create a nameplate application:

  • The user enters the name and company to print nameplate labels.
  • Two template types can be selected - “Simple” and “Patterned Frame”.
  • Microsoft® Visual Basic® Version 6.0 SP4 was used to create this application.

The user enters the name and company to print nameplate labels.



Sample Visual Basic® code for the Nameplate example

The following code demonstrates the b-PAC code needed to print the nameplate badge:

Public Sub DoPrint(strPath As String, strExport As String)
   ‘ Creates the b-PAC object
   Dim ObjDoc As BrssCom.Document .Set ObjDoc = CreateObject
   ‘ Opens the template
   If (ObjDoc.Open(strPath) <> False) Then
	  ‘ Searches for text from the field names, and replaces the text
	  Dim nIndex As Integer
	  nIndex = ObjDoc.GetTextIndex("Company")
	  ObjDoc.SetText nIndex, edCompany.Text
	  nIndex = ObjDoc.GetTextIndex("Name")
	  ObjDoc.SetText nIndex, edName.Text
	  ‘ Prints or exports to a bitmap
	  If (strExport = "") Then
		 ObjDoc.DoPrint 0, "0" ' Print
		 ObjDoc.Export 2, strExport, 180 ' Export
	  End If
   End If
   ‘ Closes the b-PAC object
   Set ObjDoc = Nothing
End Sub