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Label Solutions



Most of the shapes contained in your Visio drawings relate to real-world objects. Many of these require identification to assist in asset management or installation. Using this plug-in for Visio, quickly and easily print P-touch labels to affix onto the required objects. This is an excellent demonstration of the powerful solutions that can be made with the b-PAC SDK.
Print durable, self-adhesive labels containing Visio shape data to a Brother P-touch label printer, by installing this free-of-charge Microsoft® Visio® plug-in. The labels can contain barcodes, bitmap images, date and time, and many other things. The design of the label is fully customisable, depending on your requirements.

Microsoft® Office


Once the plug-in is installed, new label printing menus will be available within Visio, allowing your labels to be easily printed.



The uses for printing labels are as varied as Visio itself - many industries and organisations who need easy object identification, need labels containing Visio shape information:

  • I.T / Network installers
  • Electricians
  • HVAC installers/engineers
  • Asset Management
  • Shop fitters
  • Manufacturing