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Standalone Solution using a label printer with a barcode reader

With a barcode reader connected to the printer, labels and barcodes can easily be printed by scanning barcodes.

Standalone Solution using a label printer with a barcode reader

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Preset template printing

If a frequently used label layout is stored in the printer, identical labels can be printed simply by scanning barcodes.
Example: To simplify printing when the same labels are frequently reused

Barcode creation (copy) and printing

You can create a template which will print a barcode with the same size and protocol as the existing barcode you have scanned.
Example: To print scanned barcodes with multiple protocols and sizes

Database-assisted label printing

If a template and a database (for example, Microsoft Excel®) are created using P-touch editor, you can connect the database and then arrange the database data in the template. Labels can be printed by scanning key barcodes that match the barcodes in the database.
Example: To manage part numbers using a database (Excel®, etc.), and print the corresponding labels

Database-assisted label printing

Target Printers

P-touch template function is needed for standalone solution.

 Label Printer specifications and development tools map [PDF/36.5KB]

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