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Software Structure Chart

Software Structure Chart

P-touch Editor

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This powerful label design software allows users to create a wide variety of professional looking custom labels. The software makes it easy to use and design customized labels. P-touch Editor is provided with all Brother label printers.The benefits of using this software include:

  • Convenient built-in templates to design labels in a variety of built-in predefined sizes or to determine your own label size.
  • Easy to incorporate graphics, logos, fonts and other files found on the users PC.
  • Flexible printing quantity - print one, a few or hundreds on demand easily.

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Brother's Software Development Kits (SDK)

Add versatility and flexibility to your computer connected label and mobile printer through Brother's Software Development Kits (SDK). Available in the box as standard, these SDK's enable you to easily integrate your Brother label and mobile printer into your existing business applications, whether they be common or bespoke.
At present, Brother has two types of SDK.

  • b-PAC SDK (The versions vary by OS and label printer.)
  • Mprint&PocketJet SDK / Brother Print SDK (for mobile printer)

b-PAC SDK Ver.3.0/3.1 for label printers

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It is now available and includes many new functions and features requested by users.

  • For Windows® based PC's.
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8 support.
  • New interface added.
  • Acquisition of printer status, the loaded tape size, print completion event, etc.
  • Html help format documentation.

MPrint&PocketJetSDK / Brother Print SDK for mobile printers

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It shows you how to control the Brother MPrint series or PocketJet series directly, using commands to design and control the print out from your program.

  • For Android™
  • For iPhone/iPad
  • For Windows Mobile®
  • For .NET Compact Framework

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Command control

Brother label and mobile printers can use two different command modes (Raster, ESC/P).

Raster command

Using the Raster command interface, it is possible to make labels as a bit map images.
When you are printing from applications, raster command are used. You need to install the driver to use this command mode.

ESC/P commands

Brother ESC/P commands can be used with Brother printers which have barcode and font data stored in the printer's internal memory, When using ESC/P commands, there is no need to configure the printer or install the printer driver.

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P-touch Template

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P-touch Template is a tool to transfer ASCII text & binary data from a host device to template stored in the machine. This transferred data can be inserted into a text object or barcode object in a transferred template.
Transferred template data is created by P-touch Editor. This means there is no need to program label template layouts.
Therefore P-touch templates can save you time of programming compared with ESC/P.
You can easily change the template layout with P-touch Editor. (No need to change the command.)
In addition it is possible to add various functions (copy, numbering and database-linked printing).

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Other tools

Brother can provide various tools with specialized functionality.

Distributed printing

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When printing a large number of labels, printing can be distributed among multiple printers. Since printing is performed at the same time, the total printing time can be reduced.

P-touch Transfer Express Tool

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By using this tool, one or more label templates and a database can be easily transferred into a printer via a local USB connection.

Special ID Setting Tool

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This software allows you to assign a unique name (hereafter referred to as a "Special ID") to a printer connected to the computer via USB cable. A peripheral device can read the Special ID that was assigned to the printer using the Special ID Setting Tool, and you can create and implement programs that perform a process based on the ID that was read.

Solutions of the label print
Solutions Support OS Program required for printing from a custom application P-touch Editor Template (LBX) Required components during development Required in the execution environment components
b-PAC windows® Mainly to replace text or barcodes. Needed Printer Driver b-PAC SDK P-touch Editor Printer Driver
b-PAC Client Components
P-touch Template Mainly for Non PC environment. Mainly to replace text or barcodes. Needed to Transfer with P-touch Transfer Manager or Express(through USB). Printer Driver P-touch Editor P-touch Transfer Manager No Needed
(Connect a USB printer port, install the printer driver is required.)
ESC/P Mainly for environments other than Windows® OS. Using ESC/P command to set the paper must be implemented in all of the drawing. no No Needed
(Connect a USB printer port, install the printer driver is required.)
No Needed
(Connect a USB printer port, install the printer driver is required.)
Printer Driver Windows®
Using Windows® API to set the paper must be implemented in all of the drawing. no Printer Driver Printer Driver
P-touch Editor Windows®
No Needed (yes) (Printer Driver P-touch Editor) Printer Driver P-touch Editor
Mobile SDK Windows Mobile®
OS for iPhone/iPad
Using SDK components No MPrint&PocketJetSDK Brother Print SDK SDK Libraries

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