Huge BENEFITS from Brother app!

Brother always look for new ways to improve your printing experience and have developed an application which will help us create new, innovative products that are specifically
built to benefit you and your needs in the future.

The application simply collects information from your printer and the computer connected to such Products (“User PC”) based on how you use it and sends the information to us anonymously.
There are no surveys or follow up emails, we won't collect any personal contact information and you can stop participating at any time.

Thank you for buying Brother and if you'd like to join us and help steer the future for our products please click the button below.

Supported operating systems Windows® 10, Windows® 8, Windows® 7
BPRSP_3.0.6.exe [EXE/76.6MB]


Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers related to the Brother Products Research & Support Program.

How do I participate?
All you have to do is install a small software tool called the Brother Products Research & Support Program on your computer.
It will unobtrusively collect information from your connected Brother product(s) / User PC and then send it to Brother over the Internet on a regular basis (approximately every 2 months)
What kind of information is collected?
We will collect the following information only:
1. General usage of data:
  • Number of printed pages (color and black & white)
  • Consumption of ink or toner (for each colour)
  • Time between the replacement of consumables
  • Total number of scans, copies, faxes, etc.
2. Other Device information:
  • Number of paper jams
  • Number of cleaning cycles
  • Devices error
  • The Serial number of the connected Brother product(s)
3. User PC Information:
  • Country, language
  • IP address, Mac address
  • OS, OS version
4. Usage data of your User PC
  • how you navigate through the menus
  • which functions you use
How the information collected from me is used?
We will use the information collected for the future development of our products and to improve our support services.
Please refer to our "Privacy Policy" for more information about how we manage the data received from you.
The error "MSVCP60.dll not found" appears when I install the Brothers Products Research & Support Program.
MSVCP60.dll is a Microsoft® Visual C++ run time file which is required by the Brother Products Research & Support Program.
This error message appears on rare occasions when Brother has not been able to install it correctly to your computer.
You can remedy this by downloading and installing Microsoft's 'Vcredist.exe' tool from their website
I do not want to participate anymore. Can I uninstall this software and stop sending information to Brother?
You can stop participating at any time by uninstalling the software from your computer.
To do this please use the 'Add & Remove' programs function inside Windows® Control Panel
Do I need to configure my firewall or other security software?
We have designed the Brothers Product Research & Support Program to use the same communication methods (protocols) used for printing.
If you are able to print then you will not have to configure your firewall or other security software that you have installed on your computer.
If you have any doubts or concerns please contact your local Brother support centre for help.