BVCM Management System

The Brother Group considers customer demands and expectations top priority as our guide for all of our business operations including product planning, development, design, manufacturing, sales and service. In order to create and deliver new values, an original management system was built and named the Brother Value Chain Management (BVCM) system.
BVCM is a process for delivering superior values to customers, consisting of three chains - the Demand Chain, the Concurrent Chain, and the Supply Chain. We will continue to advance this BVCM chain and deliver better products and services from a customer-oriented standpoint.

Brother Value Chain Management


Customer  Customer demand
The opinions of "existing" customers who have already purchased Brother products and "future" customers who may purchase products in the future are the starting point for all business activities.
Demand Chain(Choosing Value)  Product Planning, Research and Development
Customer expectations and demands are carefully analyzed and reflected in product development.
Concurrent Chain(Creating Value)  Development, Design and Production Engineering
Product concepts summarized in the demand chain are given a concrete shape.
Supply Chain(Delivering Value)  Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales and Service
Products designed by the concurrent chain are manufactured, and products and services are delivered to customers the world over.